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Menizibeya Osain Welcome, MD, BEd, DDG, LFIBA
Research Fellow
Pr., Dzerjinsky 83,
Minsk 220116, Belarus
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Menizibeya Osain Welcome Menizibeya Osain Welcome's Special Column

  • The 2012 Nobel Prize: Breaking Demarcations Between Disciplines
    by Menizibeya Osain Welcome.
    October 11, 2012
    Cells answer internal telephone calls
    Cell-to-cell romance

    The 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry reminds us of the absence of interdisciplinary demarcations as it is the usual business in the scientific community. Also, the basic building blocks of life know nothing about these demarcations; neither are diseases aware of the various disciplines. In the last decades, there has been enormous increase in courses introduced into academics. However, some scientists have learnt to take on cross and interdisciplinary approach in research. And that is what is making difference in the present day science.
     NigerianNews Special


  • Employing A Super-Multimodal System, Avoiding The Usual Business, No Negotiations, Plus…
    by Menizibeya Osain Welcome.
    January 26, 2012

    • Know where they are; Lash them when they move
    • High precision intelligence gathering techniques
    • Sanitation of the system  
    • Use option F

    The weakness and corruption in local intelligence gathering have been the major causes of the Boko Haram success. Nevertheless, there is always a solution. The terrorist group can be tracked down, and get their wings ripped off. Modern knowledge and technology provide the secrets for a high-standard intelligence gathering system. Here are some points to consider.   NigerianNews Special

  • The Yahoo “5 Brain Myths – Busted” Revisited! A Complete Crackdown on Terrorism: What It Takes In Busting The Greatest Myth of All Time
    by Menizibeya Osain Welcome.
    December 05, 2011
    Brain myths have existed for several centuries of human existence, several studies have been conducted to unravel some of them, but researchers say less than 50% of the brain has been researched. Obviously, the tensio-functionality of the brain is far from adequately researched. The brain controls all activities of living organisms (the lower and higher integrative functions of the brain). A 100% crackdown on terrorism is possible with objective driven research on specific brain mechanisms of terrorism-birth in the population which will for sure solve this global menace.   NigerianNews Special

  • Greater Than Al-Qaida And Boko Haram: Emerging Global Security Threat And The Terrorism-To-Be. The Cambridge Physics Guru, Prof. Stephen Hawking Must Be Joking
    by Menizibeya Osain Welcome.
    November 07, 2011
    There are many terrorist organizations in the globe. Al-Qaida is popularly known around the world, and in Nigeria – Boko Haram. While these terrorists remain the dreaded killers of innocent lives on Earth, they are not to be compared with the so-called Supper terrorists, if the unfortunate happens.   NigerianNews Special

  • President Goodluck Jonathan, Do Not Mind! Continue The Work Of Securing The Nigerian State! Critics Have Been There Since Antiquity
    by Menizibeya Osain Welcome.
    October 21, 2011
    Analysis from the media suggests that the spate of bombings in the country is largely politically driven. Following several criticisms of the Goodluck Jonathan presidency, it is important to address certain issues. The origin and politics of criticism are also analyzed, and a possible scientific basis for the issues is raised..   NigerianNews Special

  • Strategizing Medical Intelligence And Surveillance For National Security
    by Menizibeya Osain Welcome.
    September 28, 2011
    In the modern-day world, Medical Intelligence and Surveillance (MIS) are key to enhancing national security. In this mini-article, modern concepts of MIS are defined.   NigerianNews Special
  • Nurturing The “Biopolitical Instinct” And Grinding Down “Political Malice” – The Solution To Nigeria’s Security Challenges
    by Menizibeya Osain Welcome
    September 22, 2011
    The heightened terror activities of the Yusufua Maiduguri, popularly known as Boko Haram, and other groups in recent times in the Nigerian state, are threats not only to national, but global security. With the security breach in the country, it is imperative to create sustainable security architecture for Nigeria. In this epistle, major approaches that maybe considered for the security of the country are briefly outlined. NigerianNews Special