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February 14, 2011

  • Egypt's army dissolves parliament
    Egypt's military authorities say they are dissolving the country's parliament and suspending the constitution, two days after taking power. BBC

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  • Tunisia rejects Italy police call
    The Tunisian government rejects calls from Rome to deploy Italian police officers on its territory to tackle a sudden wave of migration. BBC

  • SA man faces UK terror plot trial New
    A 64-year-old South African man is due in court in Johannesburg accused of threatening to unleash a biological agent in the UK. BBC

  • Anger at Bono's Boer song remarks
    The Irish pop star Bono is criticised in South Africa for apparently endorsing the controversial song Shoot the Boer. BBC

  • Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman: Egypt Not Iran
    Spokesman for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood says group seeks civil, moderate, democratic state VOA

  • Nigeria Electoral Commission to Display Voter List This Week
    An official of Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) said his organization will Monday begin a week-long nationwide voter list display that will allow Nigerians to inspect and possibly make corrections to the list. VOA

  • Britain urges international action on Mubarak’s assets
    THE British government has urged the international...TheGuardian

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