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Godwin Ndubuisi Aleke.
Lagos State




The Die is Cast; A Daniel has come to Judgment.
by Godwin Ndubuisi Aleke
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For these, we are all entrapped in an ever backward entity called Nigeria, for this we continue to fail to lead Africa, out of our present doldrums.

Towards 2011 elections, enough of us took to the streets because we saw it an opportunity to break away from our evil past, right the wrongs, and begin to build for a better future. We gave several commitments; we exposed our flanks, all in service to our fatherland.


Some among us troop to Churches on Sunday and to Mosque on Friday. They prayed to both “real and imaginary” God (gods); they paid both “needful and un-needful”  “tithes”; donated to charities and did enough for the god courses, as religions people. To these category of people, their God will deliver the Promised Land; either here on earth, or in the hereafter.

To whichever part of the divide we belong to; it will be nice if we can do a self-assessment of our actions and inactions. As rational being that we profess to be, we must be able to ascertain how our actions have helped to grow our Nigerian of today. We must be able to come out of our perpetual lines of excuses and take the blames that is due to us – we are solely responsible for the crises we face.

That we as a people have not been able to counter a rag-tag group of rebel; that denial and blame-game have been adopted by the very people responsible for our security; that the elites who are supposed to be “the light and conscience” of the nation, cannot fashion a voice to condemn, nor strategies to confront the malaise; depicts our level of decay as a nation.

In the midst of this, the resources of the state are being spent more in propaganda to deceive us from apportioning blames where it should be.

From a distance, the hollowness of the man, we have chosen as our Chief-protector and Commander-in-chief has always been quite obvious to me. His carriage, his conduct; the manners he answers questions and puts up arguments reveals a man of lower intelligence and capacity. I have also read an interview granted by a Minister under Yar’adua who testified that he talks and thinks like a child. Yet, all our all-knowing elites who have had a one-on-one chat with him; chose to hand over the destiny of this nation to such a man.

All the superfluous leaders of the big Churches, stealing billions from our abject poor in the name of God, who have sat and discussed with this man, could not see through his weak personality; all the business leaders, all the politicians (including those should ordinarily be called my own leaders, down to my very root) could not understand this man for whom he is. All the legendary traditional leaders of our time with their “big title”; all the professional columnists and back-page writers in our media who shapes our opinions; did little to reveal the inabilities of this man, before we are caught in it. They all conspired and put him on us as President. The present predicament have exposed us to what we truly are – a fake people, a clueless sort.

Today, the die is cast; a Daniel has come to judgment. We must pay for our deeds. We all deserve what has befallen our nation. What we sowed, we are reaping. No amount of excuses or denials will save us. No propaganda or lies can obviate the truth; that the leadership has failed, that today’s elites must be changed if we must move forward as a people. What is required is self-assessment, both as individuals and as groups; and true realisation of our mistakes. What we need is to begin to make corrections where possible and swear never to repeat same mistakes. More importantly as 2015 approaches, we must begin to organize because time is running out. If we don’t get this, our next four years, if it ever comes, will definitely be worse. No God will come down from heaven to save us. We must do it ourselves; we must pay the price to have our nation.

In this regard, we should begin to see issues for what they are, less beclouded by religious or tribal sentiments. We should realize that all men are created equal by God; that we share close weaknesses and desires. It will help, if we can also understand that our differences are mainly a consequence of varying evolutionary path we were exposed to, in our differing environments. If I have been born a Muslim, in the core Northern states of Sokoto of Kano, to the families of any of the Emirs; nothing would have stopped me from being a Muslim. Therefore, that I am not one is a mere accident of birth, which does not make me a better man. To think of a Muslim as a lesser being than myself; is a delusion born out of an irrational self. So it is for a Muslim who represents me as a lesser being.

Secondly, we must be able to see clearly how Corruption destroys a society in the manners that Cancer destroys the human body. Just like every human body can be affected by Cancer, so can any of us fall prey to corruption. But for our society to exist, we must learn to nip it in the bud, when we encounter it; we must punish corruption. Very related to corruption is justice and fairness.

Therefore, when we are ready to have a working nation and a good life, both for our individual selves and our nation, we must learn to respect every human being as an equal, in justice and fairness. To be just ultimately negates corruption; to be equal demands comradeship.

That our security agencies have not been able to subdue Boko Haram have its roots in corruption. That we have a Commander-in-Chief who lacks all the attributes of a commander was made possible by corruption and ethnicity which negates the very principle of equality of all humans, fairness and justice. That our girls have been wasting in the bushes for close to one month with no positive action from us, is a consequence of our past. Today, it is Chibok girls, tomorrow, it might be my village, or yours; all are parts of Nigeria with a common destiny. 

I have read leading opinion on Boko Haram just as I have read leading opinions on Nigerian histories. I have read those acceptable to the Yorubas’, Igbos’ and the Hausa-Fulanis’. I know all of them to be half-truths The Igbos’ to whom I belong have tried to suppress the wrongs perpetuated by our own fathers in the past, only to blow that of others out of proportion. The Yorubas’ and the Hausa-Fulanis’ have done the same. We have all fed these lies to our Youths whom we have also refused to educate enough; to be able to make rational enquiries less beclouded by lies. In these same manners we have chosen to interpret the Chibok kidnap and apportion blames. I refuse to join the crusade because I know Chibok is a creation of all of our inactions; and a plot by our common enemy.

Leadership is a sphere for objective minds and thinkers. A sound philosophical mind is a prerequisite to leadership position. Great leaders are not only intelligent, but have outgrown selfishness and primordial sentiments. Leaders must not only be able to imagine a better tomorrow, their visions are strong enough to clearly depict the practical steps needed to achieve the great goals. It is the clarity of their vision that protects them from the numerous sycophants that aggregate around them. 

These our present lords at Aso Villa clearly do not have.

 When I went out in 2011 to campaign against him, I was convinced he lacked both the head and the heart needed to save this nation. Today, I have been proven right. But I cannot celebrate because I am trapped in Nigeria. I cannot celebrate, because even when my decisions have been vindicated, my people are dying; my future with that of my land remains bleak.

 Like my Dad use to say, the speed of the dull boy, is the speed of the class. The speed of those who contributed to give us Jonathan, has become the speed of our nation.

For these, we are all entrapped in an ever backward entity called Nigeria, for this we continue to fail to lead Africa, out of our present doldrums.


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