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Abubakar Alkali Sokoto. Email:
Councillors Quarters,
Runjin Sambo.
Sokoto state





by Abubakar Alkali Sokoto
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Nigeria needs President Buhari for another 4 years so that by the end of his second term on 29th May 2023, he would have fully set Nigeria on an irreversible path towards a future free of corruption. Indeed, the fight against corruption is a long one and cannot be completed in 4 years. After 8 years as President, PMB will have reset the paradigm and mentality of Nigerians such that citizens will be stoning corrupt leaders who steal their money.

In the run up to the 2019 elections and beyond, one criteria that should define the search for a holistic solution to the socio economic challenges facing our country is the zeal to confront these challenges. The indefatigable zeal and commitment to confront these challenges is sine qua non to fixing them. For genuine change to be entrenched in the polity, there has to be the commitment to honestly confront these challenges. The leaders we need now, in 2019 and beyond are those who are ready to accept responsibility and face the challenges head on. Not those who will duck away when called to duty. We need leaders who will serve the interest of the majority NOT dealers who will serve only themselves and their minority cartel.




It was the great Afro-American novelist and social critic James Arthur Baldwin who famously said ‘Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

It is crystal clear that President Muhammadu Buhari has demonstrated beyond any iota of doubt that he is unreservedly committed to facing these challenges that have constituted a stumbling block to a free and prosperous Nigeria that is fair to all not just a select few. President Buhari’s commitment and service to Nigeria stretched beyond two years ago when he was sworn in as a democratically elected President. As a matter of fact, PMB’s work for a prosperous, united and sovereign Nigeria started more than 50 years ago even before the Nigerian civil war. President Buhari’s love, passion and commitment to Nigeria is limitless. PMB is pan Nigeria in the true sense of the word.

Nigerians are rooting and calling for President Buhari to contest the 2019 Presidential election so that he continues with the cleansing process that he has started two years ago. If he decides to run in 2019, President Buhari will definitely win landslide. Of course President Buhari will have Prof Osinbajo on the joint ticket in 2019. Prof Osinbajo has over the last two years proven to be a dependable ally and trustworthy vice President. What a winning team the APC will present in 2019.

President Buhari is not in violation of any aspect of the constitution if he decides to contest for the 2019 Presidential election. Section 137 (1) (b) of the 1999 constitution is clear that a person is qualified for election as President for a maximum of two terms. Section 137 states inter alia that:

A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if he has been elected to such office at any two previous elections.

President Buhari has been elected to this exalted office in only one occasion: He still has one more shot to go.

Some people may want to argue that President Buhari’s health status doesn’t justify his contesting the 2019 elections. However, currently PMB’s doctors have certified him fit to return to work and as long as they didn’t say anything to the contrary, he remains medically fit to continue in office. Come to think of it, an unhealthy but incorruptible President Buhari in Aso rock is one million times better than any healthy but corrupt candidate. We need President Buhari until 2023 even as a symbolic President as long as no aspect of the constitution is breached.

This is no time for experiment. We simply cannot allow this country to go back to the dark days when corruption held sway. It must never be business as usual. As a matter of fact, the good people of Nigeria are appealing to PMB not to leave us at the mercy of corruption and Boko haram. A general never deserts his troops at the middle of the fight. Mr President has dealt a decisive blow to the inordinate ambition of Nigeria’s bandwagon of recalcitrant looters in their resolve to steal the last kobo in the nation’s treasury. So far, only PMB has shown the capacity to confront these looters of our commonwealth.

PMB has rescued our dear country from the clutches of the merchants of corruption who appeared hell bent in their resolve to destroy Nigeria using mindless corruption to take money they don’t even need and spreading poverty to every other person. These undesirable elements have pillaged the resources of our dear country through corruption with unbridled and seemingly reckless abandon. After all his hard work for 16 years to get to the Presidency and chase these corrupt elements and their cotravellers out of power and dump them into the trash can of history, PMB will not allow the looters an undeserved comeback to lead Nigeria anymore. Nigeria has turned the page on corruption and moved on. Corruption will never have a place in the future political equation of Nigeria.

For all the corruption they visited on Nigeria, the God of nemesis has caught up with the PDP as the party is now officially dead with absolutely no chance of a resurrection. The mPDP (Makarfi PDP) and sPDP (Sheriff PDP) factions of the PDP will NEVER come under one roof because the God of mercy and fairness is not sleeping. PDP is dead but we must continue to remain alert not to allow any possible resurrection of the PDP.

PMB’s active commitment to the Nigerian project started with his enlistment in the Nigerian army (an area many youths of his age at the time were not in a hurry to join), through to the civil war, to his days as governor of the North east region, as head of the board NNPC, to his 20 months as military head of state, to his days as chairman PTF and now as President and commander –in-chief. In all these roles he played in service to our country, he has not been found wanting.

Particularly in the last 2 years, President Buhari has proven to be an asset to this country and the right captain that we need to steer the ship of state to that destination where we all dream of. That destination at which Nigeria has realised her full potentials as a world super power. PMB is working to make Nigeria claim its status as a world super power.

Indeed Nigeria is potentially a world super power but a mix of bad leadership and other forms of self-inflicted miseries have conspired to relegate our country to the background in the comity of nations. Nigeria is today the only nation with all the ingredients of a global super power that has chosen not to be one. Through a combination of inferiority complex and self-defeat, we have accepted to lag behind rather than take the lead at the front which should be our natural position. Smaller and less endowed nations look down on Nigeria. We are much more than this.

Indeed the period 2015 - 2023 is our last best chance to institutionalise probity, decorum and make corruption an aberration rather than a normality. We must never allow power to fall back to the cruel hands of the corrupt blatant bandits who think politics is all about personal aggrandisement and corruption.

Within just two years, PMB has successfully redefined the psyche of Nigerians regarding the ills of corruption to our nation’s existence. Everybody in Nigeria today is lending their voices against corruption. All the debate in Nigeria today is about corruption and how to tackle it. From private citizens to students to clergymen to even politicians, there is a concurrence of opinion that for our country to achieve its goals and reclaim its values, the current endemic corruption in Nigeria must be eliminated.

To all intents and purposes, President Buhari has proven that he can be trusted to lead Nigeria and has delivered in 2 of his 3 campaign promises while working on the 3rd. Mr President promised to tackle 3 key challenges facing Nigeria: Corruption, insecurity and the economy. He has delivered in his signature policy i.e. the fight against corruption and made stealing of public funds the exception rather than the norm. However, the fight against corruption is not over yet. Corruption is still fighting back in different forms using different government structures particularly the Nigerian senate which has now been taken over by agents of corruption. The non-confirmation of Ibrahim Magu by the senate is one clear example of corruption fighting back.

At the rate which stolen cash are discovered in private homes, all of us will be millionaires before the end of PMB’s second term in 2023. In the last 4 months alone, Nigeria recovered N73 billion through the whistle-blower policy. This is remarkable!. The fight against corruption is never a cup of tea. To assume that corruption can be eradicated within 3 or 4 years will tantamount to playing the ostrich.

On Boko haram, PMB has provided inspiration to our troops and displayed unquestionable political will in the fight against insurgency. Our gallant soldiers have successfully pushed Boko haram to the back foot and inflicted mental defeat on the terror group. Appreciable and reasonable normalcy has been restored in the North east as our gallant soldiers continue to make gains in the efforts to root out, dismantle, degrade and ultimately decimate Boko haram.

The key symbol of success recorded by Mr President in the fight against insurgency is the fall of Sambisa forest which is Boko haram’s spiritual capital and their last bastion. But for PMB, Boko haram would have taken over Abuja and spread their terror network to all parts of Nigeria. We must commend PMB and our military for the successes recorded against Boko Haram expecially when juxtposed with what obtains during the days of Goodluck Jonathan administration which willingly ceded 14 local governments of Nigerian territory to Boko haram. However, Boko haram has now been dislodged by our gallant soldiers from all the occupied territories and there is no local government or town in Nigeria under the control of Boko haram.

However, Boko haram is still breathing and waiting in the wings to stage an unlikely comeback if President Buhari leaves office because they know he is the only Nigerian leader who knows their weak points and who has the will to fight them. If PMB leaves in 2019, there is the danger that Boko haram will bounce back and stretch their network all over the country. This is the more reason why PMB should continue in office for a second term until 2023

Mr President has made very reasonable inroads on the economy through the diversification efforts using the nonoil sector. Nigeria is now pushing fast-forward to reclaim its glory as Africa’s largest rice producer. PMB has also pursued Job creation through the noble N-power initiative leading to the gainful employment of hundreds of thousands of jobless youths. The economic recovery and growth plan (ERGP) presented by Mr President is a realistic road map to economic recovery and a sustainable all-encompassing plan of action to reposition the economy in the face of the global economic recession. The good news is that Nigeria is now officially out of recession as confirmed by the World economics, a London based organisation dedicated to producing financial analysis, insight and data relating to questions of key importance to the world economy.

For the first time in the history of our country, vulnerable members of the society including unemployed youths and the disabled now smile to the bank every month to receive N5, 000 cash as a result of PMB’s social intervention programme. N5, 000 in their pockets just like that! The social intervention programme is the right step in the right direction even if to establish a bond between the government and the people. For unemployed youths, N5, 000 is like a lifeline meant to lift them up to go look for a job.

 All through the last two years, PMB has displayed maturity, quality, commitment and full grasp of the enormous challenges facing our country. It is remarkable that despite all attempts to distract him, PMB has remained untiring, focussed, committed, resolute and somewhat ruthless in his signature war against corruption. It is more satisfying that PMB has successfully done all that he did in the last two years including the war against corruption within the ambit of the law and the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. That is the right way to go.

Cutting legal corners and autocratic circumvention of the constitution always backfires and brings us back to square one where we have to start all over again. Once the law and due process are adhered to, all situations will resolve in an acceptable manner, the system will mechanically realign its parts into where they all rightly belong and a sustainable solution will apply.The most potent danger to the corporate existence of our dear country is corruption. Indeed, PMB has demonstrated beyond any iota of doubt that he is unreservedly determined to eradicate corruption from the polity or at least bring it to the barest minimum. Indeed all progressive elements in Nigeria owe it a duty to support PMB for a second term as President and commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Despite the vociferous cries and antics of a few elements who think corruption is not a crime, Mr President enjoys tremendous support and goodwill across the length and breadth of the country. This was aptly demonstrated during his last trip to the U.K for medical purposes. No sooner had it became clear that Mr President is having routine health issues than people organised themselves into prayer groups to pray for the quick recovery and safe return of Mr President. In several state capitals, prayers were conducted and the affection for Mr President was clearly evident.

President Buhari’s expected electoral victory in the 2019 elections will come to pass by the grace of God almighty. The major thing going for PMB is his integrity which has been acknowledged by even his worst enemies. Much as they tried, PMB’s political adversaries have not been able to link one allegation of corruption to PMB. In politics, wild and often times baseless allegations bordering on sentiments are routinely made to discredit the opponent. However, even at that no one has been able to rub any sands over PMB’s integrity. There are 3 major reasons for PMB’s expected victory in the 2019 elections. The first is PMB’s performance in office which realistically is 75% (2.5/3). This figure is based on the fact that PMB has done well in 2 of his campaign promises: the fight against corruption and insecurity.

The 0.5 is on the economy which the government is also doing well but still needs time to come to fruition. The second reason is the fact that there is currently no credible opposition party in Nigeria. No new party/coalition can muscle enough support from the electorate in less than two years to beat President Buhari at the polls. Yes, the APC did it in 2015 because the PDP had outlived its usefulness then and the APC presented a very good candidate in Muhammadu Buhari. The third and equally important factor is that majority of Nigerians have found a trusted ally in President Buhari and feel comfortable with him as President because he is not interested in eating their money or taking what doesn’t belong to him. President Buhari believes that he came to this world with nothing and will leave it with nothing so why should he steal?

Nigeria needs President Buhari for another 4 years so that by the end of his second term on 29th May 2023, he would have fully set Nigeria on an irreversible path towards a future free of corruption. Indeed, the fight against corruption is a long one and cannot be completed in 4 years. After 8 years as President, PMB will have reset the paradigm and mentality of Nigerians such that citizens will be stoning corrupt leaders who steal their money. 



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