NigerianNews Editorial:: Removal of Ribadu: The Triumph of Aondoakaa and his Ruse of Law

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Finally, and to Aondoakaa, we say congratulations. You are quite an enviable but insidious replacement for the real oracle at Delphi, you are the Chief Priest of this new oracle. We cannot deny that every one of your buffoonish pronouncements has come through with amazing exactitude which only a hindsight can catalogue. You are indeed your master's voice, an oracle of impeccable preciseness.


Removal of Ribadu: The Triumph of Aondoakaa and his Ruse of Law
NigerianNews Editorial


While the plot was being hatched, those who now cry foul on the removal of Nuhu Ribadu were busy celebrating the demise of the previous government. While the celebration went on, the evil geniuses in our midst were busy perfecting their next move of their escape from Alcatraz!

Being masters of catch phrase and sound bite, it now dawned on them that the 'Illegal Third Term' catch phrase can no longer sustain and deliver the punch, so they looked very hard and found the 'rule of law' as the next bait for the naive and unidirectional populace to swallow. If you notice, the 'the third term' and the 'rule of law' are two code phrases that point to one person, and that one person is universally hated in the Nigerian political space, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. So finding a new catch phrase to replace the overused one would stir up the populace the more against the political pariah Obasanjo and his so-called or designated boys

All along, Aondoakaa and those who planted him in this new government knew where they were going, and they knew real well that the only problem they had in accomplishing their subterranean design is to silence Ribadu, and they could only do it by painting him as a stooge of the 'illegal third term' bogeyman. Why did this people use the phrase 'illegal third term' and not just the 'third term'? After all, there is NOTHING wrong in proposing an amendment to a constitution; this happens everyday in all of the civilized world. When you do not like an amendment as it just happened in Venezuela, you vote against it. One of the dictionary definition of illegal is prohibited or banned. From all we knew, The third term could only happen if the constitution was legally changed through an almost insurmountable odd. The opponent of the amendment framed the mere proposition of legally amending the constitution an illegal act. A constitution is either amended or the amendment rejected constitutionally. All the lawyers and Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) know this rule. If a constitutional amendment is rejected, there is NO illegality involved by the proponent in proposing it, and if it is adopted, still, there is no illegality involved.

Following this simple known understanding of the rule of constitutional amendment, the crooked politicians branded the proponent of constitutional amendment, who they knew the people did not like, as perpetrators of 'illegality' for the reason that will give them the upper hand in their yet to unfold floodgate of schemes designed to let them sneak away from the long and strong arms of the law and keep their loots.

The third term lost, as we had predicted here at the NigerianNews that it would. So far so good, proposing a change in the constitution does not constitute illegality, fraudulently changing the constitution without recourse to the rule of law is down right illegal. Where was the word 'illegal third term' minted and why is this a prerequisite to the removal of Nuhu Ribadu and other things to come?

The "Illegal Third Term' has been defeated and the perpetrator of the 'illegal' act has been shown out of Aso Rock, why this new 'revisionary' treatise? Well, the Aondoakaa group are back to their old games again. They have used the catch phrase 'Rule of law', and we have all recognized that phrase for what it is; 'Ruse of law'.

This week, recruiting The Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro, they have unfolded a new ingenious and backdoor way to give Ribadu a boot. They have let it be known that they are actually preparing this young man for greater things. In this new masterstroke, the President who we can now boldly call Aondoakaa's accomplice or silent partner feign ignorance. As far as this President is concerned, and given enough space for this president to hide, the sending of a 'servant-head' of the EFCC to be further trained all in the midst of very important looting trials is still a matter of the 'Rule of law' or 'Due process'.

Now the L'Enfant terrible of the Nigerian politics is what it would take for the public to believe these shameless cabal of exploiters. Why not, it worked before; an ordinary process of proposing a self-serving, but legal change in the constitution was wrapped around a catch phrase that was intended to serve another purpose. Once more, wrapping the ouster of Ribadu on Chief Obasanjo will sell in this atmosphere and once more, he must be trumped as the reason for this new enterprise. If nothing else but to cut the last umbilical cord to his 'disgraced' era, and thereby obscure their real criminal intentions. Any time this group falters, it injects either the 'Illegal Third Term', 'The Rule of Law' or 'Due process' as a cause célèbre designed to reinforce the populace too tired to invoke their God's given right to self inquiries; to find the reasons why this criminal group of people is bent on destroying this country through their avarice and insatiable desire to steal all that is steal-able in our country.

This president and the people around him must be watched very carefully. When he spent six months doing nothing else but reversing or dismantling the decisions made by his 'hated' predecessor, everyone resort into a chorus of glee. Whether this is an opening or closing glee is yet to be seen. However, we must all have it in mind that the dismantling of past decision only creates a new opportunity for new people waiting in line for a new round of corruption and stealing of public funds. The life of a presidency in our system is four years. If you spend a year of it dismantling the past era's decision, then you have another year putting a new decision in place to replace the dismantled ones. We now have two years left. Fellow country men and women, we put it boldly that the remaining two years will be spent in looting as usual. Why not? The new people have to satisfy their voracious appetite for stealing what belongs to the Nigerian Commonwealth.

How could they accomplish this new round of looting without a new EFCC head? There in lies the reason for the exit of Ribadu. A new EFCC head will more than likely take another two years to be able to find his/her way around. This is the time the thieves in government and in our midst need. Don't worry, they will also win the 2nd term since they would have consolidated their positions.

It is a shame our people no longer read between the lines. Our people have become ready purchasers of  every available Brooklyn Bridge. If we do not all change our ways this new year, we deserve what is coming to us! If we allow their newly appointed 'Oracle at Delphi' - Aondoakaa to continue to blaze the trail and fly their kites without challenge, we will have ourselves to blame.

Another newly minted catch phrase is now 'We must build an institution and not an individual' However, if you do not tell them that you agree, but after the ongoing trials are completed, then we will always arrive at the same predetermined destination designed by these crooked ones. We must not be too intellectually lazy to point out that every institution is built one person-head at a time. Is the library too far away to find out that J Edgar Hoover built the FBI from the scratch? Was this man not at the head of the FBI for over five decades? While we do not completely agree with one man sitting in the affairs of an agency for over five decades, however, must we not at least ask why he was permitted to be the head of FBI for that long? Was it because there were short supply of capable men in the USA? Must we always re-invent the wheel all the time? Are we really the descendants of the Bourbons living through it all, but not letting lived-through accumulation of useful data percolate through our brains?

As to the kite flown through another paper (tabloid in this instance) owned by one of the troubled and accused governors (this one a forger of document), Obasanjo is about to be rained in! We are made to believe that the target is not Nuhu Ribadu but the chieftain of the 'illegal third term' himself, Obasanjo. That sells in a country of gullible people, does it not? Can there be a different rule of law (justice) for Obasanjo and another for Atiku Abubakar? If Obasanjo is prosecuted, will the crown prince of so many alleged crimes in different countries, Atiku Abubakar also not be rained in? Rule of law and due process, you remember? Now the crown prince (or is it Calipha?) is now the most desired bride, even by his former boss who ran him out of town, we are being made to understand!

Just try and paste as many cockamamie reasons for why Nuhu Ribadu is being hunted out of town,  pretty soon one of these reasons will stick and the sustenance of this predetermined criminal enterprise will be a fait accompli! Whoever wants to, can buy this over subscribed Brooklyn Bridge, but you can count NigerianNews out of it. That is why we keep focusing on the catch phrase 'illegal third term' and the rest of the newly minted catch phrases. We did not and will never subscribe to a limited amendment of the constitution that focuses on one demi-god. Here as we said before, democracy can take care of itself. Time limit by itself suffocates democracy. We expressed this in our thought through our editorial: The Booming Business of Third Term. We know, this debate is no longer about third term, we are only trying to warn you against catch phrases vomited by the disguised criminals in our midst

Finally, and to Aondoakaa, we say congratulations. You are quite an enviable but insidious replacement for the real oracle at Delphi, you are the Chief Priest of this new oracle. We cannot deny that every one of your many buffoonish pronouncements has come through with amazing exactitude which only a hindsight can catalogue. You are indeed your master's voice, an oracle of impeccable preciseness.


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