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Reflections On The New Year 2016: Find The Light and Your Steps Will be Steady Towards An Assured Future.
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Every New Year people reflect on what the New Year portends.  The future has always been a mystery that human beings have expended a lot of energy, resources trying to figure it out.  Some read the stars; some read tea leaves, other consult astrologers, spiritualists and have penetrated the veil between the real, material world and the spiritual or the unseen world, where the future, the present and the past all blend into an endless flow.  If there is any resolution to be made this year, my recommendation is don’t take predictions too seriously, don’t let your life be governed by predictions. If predictions come true, you have fallen into a self-fulfilling prophesy, and you cannot prove otherwise. Of course there are some with a keen foresight and wisdom, who can look at the current trajectory of a person and make predictions.  Those predictions however, need not be treated as inevitable, but as advice whether to keep the current course or change directions. 

Forget New Year Resolutions, don’t make promises that you will not keep beyond the hour or even a few days and those with really strong will beyond a few months, rather live in the moment. The past is gone and cannot be amended, forget the movies such as Back to The Future, it is “science fiction". Don't be duped by those who claimed to know the future.  Your current path will determine your future. Find the True Guiding Light, live in the Light, live in the moment and let it lead you into your future.  The past can not be amended, but corrections can be made which may improve the future or ameliorate some impacts of the past.

A Lighthouse that sends forth its ray is a welcome sight to any ship navigating in treacherous waters or trying to avoid shipwreck on the rocks.  A Lighthouse has certain qualities If it is to serve its function.  It is set with a foundation that is not shifting and can withstand the most fierce and destructive storms.  It is always sending forth its ray of light. To be guided by the Lighthouse you don’t worry about the future, but about where you are at the present with respect to the Lighthouse, adjusting your position every so often as necessary in other to reach the shore safely.  This is a good metaphor for the year 2016.  To navigate successfully make sure you locate the true Lighthouse, that sends forth the ray of light that is not diffused, but sharp and clear.  Always fix your eyes on the true Lighthouse, always checking your position and making corrections.  To be successful be ready to adjust, make corrections, following the True Light.  You will have to make corrections, because sometimes you lose focus, maybe you were distracted or the cloud was heavy or the storm was fierce, and sometimes you make mistakes. It may seem the ship is going to be wrecked, but look for the light refocus, consider and heed all warnings and move forward judiciously.  A lot of times it will require courage to move on, but the light from the True Lighthouse is always clear and constant. 

The true Lighthouse will give you principles by which you guide all aspects of your life.  If the Lighthouse you fixed your eyes on cannot give you the focused light that serves as a guide in every circumstance then seek the true Lighthouse.  If the light does not give you the assurance required to maintain an even keel, a stable course despite dire circumstances, then keep seeking for the true Lighthouse.  The True Lighthouse will provide the foundation and principles that give you peace and assurance of your destination.   Everyone will have to prove that the Lighthouse they are following, if they are following one, is the Lighthouse that gives a focused light, shining with such power that will penetrate the darkest night or the angry clouds of the fiercest storms that tends to over shadow us from time to time. Wish you find the light that will light your way in the New Year.  This is the way to realize the potential, the promise of 2016 and to have a prosperous year.   At the end when you look back we hope you can truly say it has been a year of tremendous inner growth, strength and prosperity that does not depend on circumstances and ephemeral events and lays the foundation for an assured future.

Wish you a Blessed and Prosperous New Year for You and Yours.



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