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Ayokunle Adeleye
Sagamu, Ogun Nigeria




Again on the ASUU Strike.
(ASUU: Academic Staff Union of Universities)

by Ayokunle Adeleye
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There are hints, yes, insinuations, that the President, if ASUUrejects his next (perhaps, last) offer, will forcefully open the Universities- and perhaps Polytechnics, since ASUP is also on strike.

I'm forced to ask (myself), Can that happen? Will he drag the lecturers back to class or will he teach us himself?- I particularlylook forward to a lecture on Schistosomiasis since he had a shoeless

But I answer my own question from my recollection of national events amere score and two months ago when he let soldiers loose on ourstreets and shut down our (peaceful) protests against the petroleumproduct subsidy cut. Can he do that again? Can't he?

Only the weeks ahead will tell. But if history is anything to go by,we have a President who resorts to force once he feels he's at thewall. We've wondered if his is a pseudo-military regime. We just mightget the answer soon enough- disappointingly.

As I pray it wrong the opinion that "the only lesson men learn fromhistory is that men learn nothing from history", I also pray that ourPresident doesn't have the Biblical Jonathan's temper- or feel atwall, hands on throat and choking away. For we know how that ends.

Or do we now? With our colonial masters wondering just what to do withus, corrupt and rather corruption-ridden- and our rather enticingresources. With the former President tactfully silent- and silentlytact. With the Military yet waiting on the lord- and renewing theirstrength.

God help us.




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