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Abubakar Alkali Sokoto. Email:
Councillors Quarters,
Runjin Sambo.
Sokoto state





by Abubakar Alkali Sokoto
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He has been almost out of public view except for a few appearances on national television. Based on his dismal performance in office in the last 3 years as President, the provisions of the 1999 constitution which precludes him seeking a third term, the political mood of the nation for CHANGE and also from a moral point of view, President Jonathan is not eligible to contest the 2015 Presidential election. Majority of Nigerians are saying loud and clear that ‘President Jonathan should NOT contest the 2015 Presidential election. Nigerians are unanimous in wishing President Jonathan a happy retirement as he begins his relocation to his Otuoke country home.

In the run up to the 2015 elections, one topical issue that has overwhelmed the political landscape is the eligibility or otherwise of President Goodluck Jonathan to contest the Presidential elections. SHOULD PRESIDENT JONATHAN CONTEST THE 2015 ELECTIONS? Based on the performance of President Jonathan in office in the last 3 years, the provisions of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and the political mood of the nation, the answer proffered by majority of Nigerians to this question is a flat NO.


There is a groundswell of opinion amongst all Nigerians that president Jonathan IS NOT eligible or qualified to contest the 2015 elections. Majority of Nigerians feel that President Jonathan has performed dismally and far below the expectations of Nigerians so much so that he shouldn’t even be in the shortlist of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to contest the 2015 presidential elections. There is also the legal angle where experts believe that President Jonathan has been sworn in on 2 occasions as president and therefore cannot be sworn in for a third term based on the provisions of section 137 (1) (b) of the 1999 constitution. Moreover, the political mood of the nation is for GENUINE CHANGE IN NIGERIA and President Jonathan has in the last 3 years demonstrated beyond any iota of doubt that he CANNOT change Nigeria. He actually even admitted that he cannot change Nigeria. The newly registered opposition All Progressive Congress (APC) looks set to take over power at the centre if it presents Gen Muhammadu Buhari as its presidential candidate in 2015.

Already fingers are pointing towards a Kwankwaso-Amaechi ticket OR a Babangida Aliyu- Uduaghan ticket etc, to fly the PDP flag in the 2015 Presidential elections. It is clear that president Jonathan has no agenda to transform Nigeria. By and large, the view amongst majority of Nigerians is that the PDP stands to lose the 2015 presidential elections if it fields President Jonathan as its presidential candidate.

There are 8 well documented reasons inter alia as advanced by majority of Nigerians against the candidacy of President Jonathan in the 2015 general elections. These reasons are as follows:


There is so much mediocrity and in most cases inertia in the running of government business that one is tempted to wonder if President Jonathan is actually interested in being Nigeria’s President. We all remember when the president said he never nursed any ambition of becoming Nigeria’s president and that all he dreamt of was to serve out his second term as governor of Bayelsa state and retire. Knowing himself more than any other person, President Jonathan has placed his maximum target as Governor.  Suddenly and unexpectedly, the then Governor Jonathan found himself as vice president and then miraculously as President courtesy of the evil plan against Nigeria by former president Obasanjo. Obasanjo sought to scandalize our democracy and destroy Nigeria by forcefully transferring power to a terminally sick late President YarAdua (May his soul rest in perfect peace, Amin) so as to pave the way for an unprepared and uninterested Goodluck Jonathan who will maintain the PDP agenda to grind Nigeria to a halt. With the death of then President YarAdua, the then vice president, Goodluck Jonathan was sworn in as President by constitutional fiat. As part of his ‘chain of luck’ the then Deputy Governor Goodluck  Jonathan also became Governor of Bayelsa state by sheer luck after his boss DSP Alamieyesegha, the self acclaimed Governor- General of Ijaw nation was removed from office. The President was also said to have been made the chairman of his local government by luck and yes there are reports that even at primary school, President Jonathan became his class monitor by sheer luck. See what’s in a name.

Although Obasanjo is still alive, Nigerians will never forgive him for turning our democracy on its head. People like Obasanjo should never have been entrusted with power because Obasanjo is wicked to his heart and loves to see human beings suffer. But this is Nigeria so who cares?  In his inaugural speech on 29th May 2011, President Jonathan was smart enough to have made general statements without specifically saying what he is going to do as president or what his programme is. Of course we all know that President Jonathan never came into the presidency with a programme. Despite President Jonathan’s smart move not to commit himself to a specific programme for Nigeria, one can still refer to some of the rather vague promises he made during his inauguration speech. In item 23 of his Inauguration speech, the President promised to apply an ‘economic strategy’ that will support the real sector of the economy so that small and medium enterprises (SME’s) will grow to create jobs. However, after more than 2 years of this promise, Mr president seems to either have lost track of that promise or his pledged ‘economic policies’ didn’t work or both. This is because today, the real sector of the economy is literally dead. More small businesses have closed down in the last 3 years than at any time in our history. In item 30 of his speech, the President promised to fight corruption. As he stated in his speech ‘The fight against corruption is a war in which we must all enlist so that the limited resources of this nation will be used for the growth of our commonwealth. However, more than half way through his tenure, President Jonathan has failed to deliver and will actually never deliver on his promise to fight corruption. Instead of fighting corruption, President Jonathan seems to encourage it. President Jonathan is being touted as the God father of oil thieves because oil theft was in the region of 100,000 bpd before he became President but today under the watch of President Jonathan, oil theft is hovering around 400,000 to 500,000 bpd. This implies that more than 10 % of Nigeria’s oil production is stolen daily. What further evidence does one need to believe that president Jonathan encourages corruption than his granting of the so called presidential pardon to the convicted former Governor of Bayelsa state and his erstwhile boss, DSP Alamieyesegha? DSP Alamieyesegha who as governor of Bayelsa state almost cleared the last kobo in the treasury of the state into his private pocket is now a free man and gearing up to contest the senatorial elections in 2015 courtesy of President Jonathan. DSP Alamieyesegha was trapped in London and in his desperation to escape justice had to dress in the full glare of a woman with lipstick, hair attachments, necklaces, high heeled shoes, ladies head gear, etc to beat the tight security as he walks past airport staff grinning, smiling and talking like a woman. The monumental corruption that occurred under the watch of President Jonathan is there for the records. The fuel subsidy scam perpetrated by PDP sons and daughters ran into over N2.3 trillion. This amount alone is enough to free a substantial part of our population from economic slavery. To add salt to injury, so far none of these sons and daughters of these PDP chairmen has been brought to book. There is also the pension scam and the continued daily endless corruption taking place at all tiers and arms of government under President Jonathan.

In item 27 of the President’s inauguration speech, he stated thus ‘Over the next four years, our attention will be focused on rebuilding our infrastructure. We will create greater access to quality education and improved health care delivery system. We will pay special attention to the agricultural sector to enable it play its role of ensuring food security and massive job creation for our people. Those set of promises are also unfulfilled almost 3 years on. Our universities are presently closed because ASUU is on an indefinite strike as Jonathan has failed to provide adequate funding to our universities. Nigeria today cannot feed itself despite the enormous agricultural potentials that abound because President Jonathan has neglected Agriculture. The allocation to Niger Delta militants in the budget is more than the allocation for the entire Agricultural sector. A bleak and uncertain future certainly stars all of us in the face if President Jonathan is allowed to contest and by any means win the 2015 elections. The president promised steady power supply to Nigerians yet he ended up putting the country into more darkness. President Jonathan promised jobs for the youths and unemployed yet he posted the highest rate of unemployment in Nigeria since records began at 46%. Impliedly at least 1 of every 2 employable Nigerians is unemployed. President Jonathan hasn’t demonstrated that he has what it takes in terms of policy initiation, implementation and delivery to effectively lead Nigeria to prosperity. With all due respect to the office of the President and with no intent to denigrate the person of Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, it is fair to say that President Jonathan simply lacks the ideas, he lacks the energy, lacks the judgment, the temperament, the charisma, the exposure, flair, swagger, personality, looks and posture of a President. President Jonathan simply lacks the passion, vision, commitment and courage to transform Nigeria. This is why several analysts and commentators refer to him as the MUMUIST miniature President in the history of Nigeria. The highly experienced chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) who has been in politics for about 60 years, Chief Bisi Akande was so infuriated by the style and quality of Jonathan’s presidency that he referred to President Jonathan as ‘Kindergarten President.


Just when Nigerians thought that we have put behind the infamous third term (a.k.a SAD TERM) of the inglorious and better-forgotten disastrous tenure of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, President Jonathan is taking Nigeria through a third term round 2. Indeed, the Obasanjo misrule 1999-2007 is simply a disaster as the bully former President destroyed and turned our democracy on its head during those 8 long years.President Jonathan is not eligible to contest the 2015 elections having taking the oath of office as President on two occasions. Section 135 (2) of the 1999 constitution states that ‘Subject to the provisions of subsection (1) of this section, the President shall vacate his office at the expiration of a period of 4 years commencing from the date when in the case of a person first elected as president under this constitution he took the oath of allegiance and the oath of office: and in any other case, the person last elected to that office under this constitution took the oath of allegiance and oath of office or would, but for his death have taken such oaths.

In the same vein, section 137(1) (b) of the 1999 constitution explicitly states that a person shall not be qualified for election to the office of president if he has been elected to such office at any 2 previous elections.
Although an Abuja high court presided over by Justice Mudashiu Oniyangi had ruled that President Jonathan can contest in 2015, there are still unanswered questions regarding the ruling. The Jury placed its verdict on the basis that President Jonathan was sworn in as President in the first instance in May 2010 not on the basis of an election but on constitutional basis to serve out the term of late President YarAdua. The doctrine of necessity was enforced to swear in the then vice President Jonathan as President so as to avoid a political and constitutional vacuum. However, the Jury was not clear on the link between the oath taking by late President YarAdua in 2007 and the oath taking by Jonathan in 2010. If President Jonathan took office to complete the term of YarAdua, then impliedly his oath is tied to the first term of late YarAdua and as such it can legally be argued that President Jonathan had served a first term in 2010 and indeed is now effectively in his second term. President Jonathan has taken the oath in 2010 as President and has ran the term to a completion. By 137(1)(b), President Jonathan is legally disqualified from contesting in 2015 since he has already been sworn in twice as president. Apart from the legal angle, there is also the moral angle to the ineligibility of  President Jonathan to contest the 2015 general elections. The moral angle borders on the zoning formula and the agreement reached within the ranks of the PDP that the Presidency is zoned to the North for 2 uninterrupted terms.

After former President Obasanjo served out 2 terms in 2007, there was an internal PDP agreement that a Northerner will serve out 2 terms of office. In the PDP zoning agreement that stipulates that the North should serve out 2 terms, (2007 – 2015) President Jonathan signed as number 37. As fate would have it, President YarAdua died in May 2010 and Goodluck Jonathan as vice President was sworn in to complete the term. President Jonathan was expected to decline contest in 2011 so as to allow the North complete its 2 terms based on the agreement which President Jonathan was signatory number 37. However, President Jonathan and the PDP manipulated party machinery to enable him contest the 2011 elections. 2011 – 2015 was the  North’s turn to rule but was stolen from the region using state resources.  There were allegations that over N1.5 trillion of state funds were used by President Jonathan to contest the 2011 elections to induce delegates at the PDP primary elections and also induce voters at the secondary elections. The amount of state resources spent by President Jonathan in the 2011 elections is a breach of the electoral act 2010 (as amended). Section 91 (2) of the electoral act 2010 stipulates that the maximum election expenses to be incurred by a candidate at a Presidential election shall be N100, 000,000.


It is an incontestable fact that the Jonathan government has performed woefully in the area of provision of security which is the first, most important and critical function of any responsible government. Section 14 (2) (b) of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria states that the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government. There is well documented evidence that the state of insecurity that overwhelmed Nigeria in the last 3 years under President Jonathan is worse than the civil war that the country experienced in 1966-67..

The insecurity quagmire under President Jonathan’s watch was so much that Nigerians were prompted to ask the question ‘Do we REALLY have a government in Nigeria today?. Most of the killings of unarmed civilians in the last 2 years were attributed to the high-handedness of the Nigerian military that are paid to protect these civilians. The high point of the excesses of the Nigerian military in its fight against Boko haram was clearly demonstrated in the Baga massacre where more than 200 innocent civilians were killed by the Nigerian military in a rage of ethnic cleansing. Instead of President Jonathan acting like a President and displaying sympathy, the government resorted to blame game and arguing about the actual number of civilians killed. The government released a statement that ONLY 35 people were killed and NOT 200 as claimed by the western media. How could any responsible government state that ONLY 35 people were killed? Is that an ONLY? To add salt to injury, President Jonathan never visited Baga even to express his condolence to the families of those innocent civilians and to show leadership by reassuring the community. President Jonathan prefers to stay in the comfort of the Presidential villa and announce to a skeptical public that ‘We are on top of the situation’ or to read out a written address on national television stating that ‘by the powers confer on me as President. May be Mr President needs to be reminded that the powers confer on him by the constitution is to reduce poverty and make life better for every Nigerian and not to send soldiers to kill and maim innocent civilians. The Baga killings and the government’s response to it further confirm that our president doesn’t give a damn about the security of Nigerians OR how many people are killed and why. The Baga incident happened at around time with the Boston explosion in the U.S that killed 3 people and true to type, President Obama went to Boston to condole with the families of those who lost their lives in the blast and also to reassure the community that government will do all within its powers to prevent a reoccurrence.

Based on the renewed wave of senseless killings perpetrated by Boko haram after the declaration of the state of emergency by, it is fair to say that the state of emergency declared by President Jonathan has only strengthened Boko haram. Some analysts even aver that the so-called state of emergency imposed in some Northern states was actually meant to destroy Northern Nigeria and NOT to solve any insecurity problems. If not why did President Jonathan supported dialogue and amnesty for the Niger Delta terrorists when he was vice President? Why didn’t President Jonathan support a state of emergency in the Niger Delta at the height of the killings, kidnappings, rapes and lawlessness by the Niger Delta militants? Why is President Jonathan wary of entering into genuine dialogue with Boko haram even when Boko haram has demonstrated interest for talks with government? How can the government set up a committee for dialogue and at the same time send soldiers to kill Boko haram that the government wants to dialogue with? Legal experts have even labeled the latest socalled state of emergency announced by President Jonathan as null and void and of no effect. This is because the national assembly should have passed its resolution to support the state of emergency BEFORE enforcement and soldiers sent to the affected states. Rather, it was the reverse case as soldiers were sent before the national assembly passed its resolution supporting the declaration. Clearly the President didn’t wait for the approval of the national assembly before implementing the state of emergency as demanded by the constitution. In effect, implementation of the state of emergency started before the act of the national assembly hence it is null and void. This is the case of the recent ruling by Justice Adamu Bello which declared as null and void the appointment of the service chiefs on the grounds that the President appointed them and they took office prior to the passing of an Act by the national assembly.

What is needed now is a mix of genuine dialogue and a strategic development programme in Northern Nigeria to win hearts and minds of the youths and community leaders. Military force will never stop Boko haram if anything it will only escalate the crisis as is the case so far. But President Jonathan’s aim is not to stop Boko haram but to further cause carnage in Northern Nigeria. The international community needs to act one way or the other to protect the innocent civilians that are being killed on daily basis in Northeast Nigeria. The Boko haram problem is no longer just a domestic Nigerian issue but one with the potential to overwhelm the entire Sub-Saharan region and the African continent. It even has the potentials to blossom on a Global scale if left to roll on. The international court of justice (ICC) is also urgently required to commence full investigation into the Baga and Bama massacre and other crimes against humanity that has been perpetrated by the Nigerian Military forces. There is well documented evidence of crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Jonathan administration particularly in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states as the world has seen in the evidence released recently by Amnesty International.


According to statistics released by the Nigerian bureau of statistics (NBS), poverty in Nigeria is at an alarming rate of 86%. On the global scale, Nigeria is the 5th poorest nation in the whole world. This is utterly unacceptable in the world’s 6th largest oil producer and despite the limitless agricultural potentials in Nigeria. These figures are rising by the day courtesy of the mediocre policies of the Jonathan administration which seeks to make the rich richer and the poor perpetually poorer. How could anyone comprehend the action of President Jonathan in the last 2 budgets to award N1 billion to himself as his ‘food allowance’ while the average Nigerian lives on less than a dollar per day and while Nigerian children are dying of hunger and starvation?  President Jonathan has shown glaring insensitivity to the plight of the average Nigerian who faces hunger and deprivation on daily basis. Nigeria today is ranked second on the global maternal mortality index courtesy of the Jonathan administration. Women and girls continue to lose their lives at child birth simply because there are no hospitals they could go to. The few existing hospitals have no equipments to provide services to patients and the staff are either poorly trained or not trained at all. I have never heard President Jonathan even make a reference to the debilitating state of poverty in Nigeria all through the 3 years he served so far as president. May be because as he said, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN. President Jonathan is glaringly insensitive to Nigeria’s biggest problem: POVERTY and hence is not qualified to be our president in 2015. Even with the debilitating poverty levels in Nigeria, President Jonathan is happy to award mouth watering so called ‘security contracts’ to his errand boys. The infamous gangsters: Government Tompolo, Asari Dokubo, Ateke Tom, The young shall grow and such other economic terrorists. If President Jonathan had directed the amount of money that he is paying to these fraudsters towards job creation for the Nigerian youths, the level of poverty ravaging the Nigerian child would have been drastically reduced. Even when President Jonathan was asked to declare his assets, he angrily replied. I DON’T GIVE A DAMN. Section 140(1) of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria states that ‘A person elected to the office of President shall not begin to perform the function of that office until he has declared his assets and liabilities as prescribed in the constitution and he has taken and subscribed the oath of Allegiance and the oath of office prescribed in the seventh schedule of this constitution. So why should President Jonathan tell us that ‘he doesn’t give a damn’ about declaring his assets?


Nigeria’s infrastructure has decayed to an alarming rate under President Jonathan such that our roads, hospitals, schools, housing and such other essentials are in a despicable and deplorable state. Several thousands of lives are lost due to road accidents arising from the bad state of our roads. Our hospitals are no longer mere consulting clinics as one cannot get even a proper prescription from a government run hospital. There are simply no equipments and no qualified staff. Most of the doctors have either fled abroad for greener pastures or are into private practice. The sorry state of our health care system has promoted rising levels of infant and maternal mortality rates. What strikes my conscience more than anything is for a young girl or woman to lose her life at child birth simply because our hospitals are ill equipped to treat her to a safe delivery and she cannot attend a private hospital because she cannot afford the bill. As a result of the clear misplacement of priorities and lack of any clear cut policy to confront the challenges in the health sector, Nigeria is now ranked second in the global maternal mortality index and third in infant mortality. If the President cannot mobilize the enormous resources that Nigeria has to address the decay in the health sector, then he has no business contesting again in 2015.  Our educational system is in shambles as our public schools, colleges and universities are a shadow of their glorious past. The service delivery in the universities and other tertiary institution is at all time low. As I write this article, our universities are in total shut down as the academic staff union of universities (ASUU) is on an indefinite and comprehensive strike. Also, our polytechnics were under lock and key as the Academic staff union of polytechnics (ASUP) was on strike for several months and only reluctantly resumed lectures recently. Just when our universities are in crisis and the Nigerian children cannot attend universities owing to the inability of the Jonathan administration to provide funding in Nigeria’s universities, the minister of petroleum resources who is always in the news Mrs Diezani Allison-Madueke is alleged to have blown away over N2 billion to hire private jets for her round-the-world trips and holidays. It is heartwarming to note that the EFCC has already received petitions on this allegation bordering on fraud against Mrs Allison-Madueke. Nigerians cannot wait to see a full and unhindered probe of Mrs Allison-Madueke’s controversial tenure as petroleum minister. Our universities and polytechnics no longer have a calendar as a result of the seemingly unending strikes resulting from lack of an effective government in Nigeria. A bleak future is certainly starring Nigerian children in the face due to the current neglect of public education under President Jonathan. The only person who sends his/her child to a public school is he/she who cannot afford a private school. The public schools are simply dysfunctional. There are several primary/secondary schools in Nigeria where pupils sit on bare floors to take up lessons because there are no chairs to sit on or desk to write on. At secondary school level, the situation is simply worrisome because the government cannot even afford basic feeding for the pupils while our senators and representatives continue to receive a jumbo pay and maintain their record as the highest paid legislators in the whole world.


The House of Representatives and indeed majority of Nigerians have already found the President questionable over the glaring poor implementation of the 2012 and 2013 budgets. The non-implementation of the national budget is an impeachable offence.   Moreover the budget is clearly disproportionate and lopsided with 80% allocated to recurrent expenditure and less than 20% allocated to capital expenditure. Impliedly, over 80% of our resources will go to the private pockets of our government officials and their families: the presidency, senators, governors, ministers and other politicians and public office holders. Less than 20% is allocated to the people; fight against poverty, provision of good road network, quality health care delivery system and good hospitals, good schools to provide qualitative education, agricultural sector to boost food production and exports etc. We need a President who can change this misappropriation and make the budget 80% capital and 20% recurrent. With the present budget regime of 80% recurrent and 20% capital, one wonders where the government will get the resources to deliver the dividends of democracy to Nigerians. On budget implementation, the President scored low. The 2012 budget recorded about 25% implementation while the 2013 budget which is more than half way through, has fared even worse. If the President cannot record at least 80% budget implementation then he has no moral ground to present himself for the office of the President in 2015.


President Jonathan has created more ethnic tensions and religious divisions than any other President/Head of state in the history of Nigeria. Today the country is more divided than ever before. In the last 3 years of President Jonathan, Nigeria has systematically been Balkanized into several ethnic, regional and religious groups taking up arms against one another. Due to lack of policy direction of President Jonathan, new armed groups have emerged along regional and ethnic lines either for self defense or to have a share of the national cake or both. A case in sight is the Ombatse cult group in Nasarawa state which was born during the tenure of President Jonathan. Ethnic groups and sects are not sure of their own safety hence the vogue now is to stock up arms because nobody knows who is going to attack them or when and where the next attack is coming. Ethnic and regional groups now look at other ethnic groups with so much doubt and suspicion that nobody trusts the other person. One of the glaring cases of ethnic divisions during the Jonathan era is the deportation by the Lagos state government of several Nigerians of Northern/Hausa Fulani extraction residing at the Zango/Badia and other areas of Lagos state. The Lagos state government has used the Boko haram issue as an excuse to harass, torture and intimidate several Hausa/Fulani Northerners prior to deporting them to any part of Northern Nigeria. Unfortunately, this is happening as our socalled Northern Governors were watching helplessly.  The Lagos state government even wrongly labeled some of those arrested as terrorists and non-Nigerians from Niger or Chad republics without any verifiable evidence. This is a gross violation of the fundamental human rights of these citizens as enshrined in the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. Section 41 ((1) states that ‘every citizen of Nigeria is entitled to move freely throughout Nigeria and to reside in any part thereof, and no citizen of Nigeria shall be expelled from Nigeria or refused entry thereto or exit therefrom.  The amnesty international and other legal experts have totally condemned the action of the Lagos state government to deport Northern Hausa/Fulanis from Badia/Zango and other areas of Lagos state. Mr Femi Falana, a lawyer of no mean refute has also added his voice in the barrage of condemnation that followed this sinister action of the Lagos state government. Have Lagos state forgotten that they also have their indigenes in other states of Nigeria?

As part of the President’s agenda to further balkanize Nigeria along ethnic, regional lines, his home state Bayelsa which is the smallest state in Nigeria in terms of population today has the highest number of appointees at the federal level. Moreover Bayelsa state which is not up to the size of one local government in Kano state today has the biggest share in terms of statutory federal allocation. Bayelsa is receiving more money from the federal government than at least 5 states in Northern Nigeria put together all in the name of derivation for oil producing states. And Northern Nigeria is where poverty is highest and where more allocation is needed. The incoming APC government must reverse this disproportionate allocation of resources to the socalled oil producing states because it is grossly lopsided and unconstitutional. Afterall, the huge allocation to the socalled oil producing states doesn’t even get to the people in those areas but ends up in the private pockets of the politicians and other community leaders. Some oil producing states are so overwhelmed by the amount of money they receive from the federal government that they do not even know what to do with it. Federal allocation to states should be based on population and not derivation. The oil doesn’t belong to the oil producing states, it belongs to the federal government of Nigeria. The Supreme Court has ruled that any oil well 200 nautical miles offshore belong to the federal government and not to the state.

Mr President, his bootlickers and hangers-on who benefit from his government might want to ask the question (as they always do when President Jonathan is criticized even constructively) ‘Did President Jonathan caused these problems OR did all these problems started during President Jonathan? Well the answer is YES because President Jonathan created some of them and indeed some of these problems started during the tenure of President Jonathan while some didn’t. However, the key question to ask by anybody who gives a damn about Nigeria is not whether or not they started or were ‘caused’ by President Jonathan but  ‘What has President Jonathan done to address these problems? The answer is ‘Nothing’. For over 3 years that he has been President, President Jonathan has shown zero passion about solving Nigeria’s myriad of problems. He has been almost out of public view except for a few appearances on national television. Based on his dismal performance in office in the last 3 years as President, the provisions of the 1999 constitution which precludes him seeking a third term, the political mood of the nation for CHANGE and also from a moral point of view, President Jonathan is not eligible to contest the 2015 Presidential election. Majority of Nigerians are saying loud and clear that ‘President Jonathan should NOT contest the 2015 Presidential election. Nigerians are unanimous in wishing President Jonathan a happy retirement as he begins his relocation to his Otuoke country home.


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