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  • The Blame Game as a Route to the Destination of Uncreativity
    by Dr Abubakar Alkali
    May 02 2017

    It was the young Ghanaian writer Israelmore Ayivor who wrote ‘You may regret for messing up on few occasions, but you need to appreciate the fact that blames don’t clean the mess, they only smear the blame on your face. NigerianNews Special

  • Matthew Kukah’s Christian Values and
    Misplaced Priorities

    by Frisky Larr
    April 25, 2017

    When I wrote the book “Africa’s Diabolical Entrapment”, in which I examined Black Africa’s plight in its self-imposed religious trap, I stopped short of crossing several thresholds. Contrary to speculations advanced by people who read articles, reviews and intros about this work, the content did not concern itself with the existence or otherwise of any supreme deity. I did not concern myself with the relevance or otherwise of atheism. Indeed, on the contrary, I highlighted the importance of religion in society as the recognized custodian of moral and ethical values. NigerianNews Special

  • Buhari’s Civilian Presidency: Was it a Serious Misunderstanding?
    by Frisky Larr
    April 18, 2017
    In biblical English, the expression “How art the mighty fallen” means nothing more than “How have the mighty fallen!” This thought occurs to me when I think of Muhammadu Buhari as a civilian President of a country of Nigeria’s caliber. Since his inception as President in 2015, a lot has happened in his presidency that ranges from the fascinating through the bewildering down to the demoralizing. He has thrilled his admirers on occasions with decisive and targeted actions. He has also given them cause to scratch their heads sore in search of answers to pressing questions. More devastating though is that he has given many of his supporters, genuine reasons to jump ship and disavow the day they swore allegiance to him. NigerianNews Special

    by Abubakar Alkali Sokoto
    April 20 2017

    In the run up to the 2019 elections and beyond, one criteria that should define the search for a holistic solution to the socio economic challenges facing our country is the zeal to confront these challenges. The indefatigable zeal and commitment to confront these challenges is sine qua non to fixing them. For genuine change to be entrenched in the polity, there has to be the commitment to honestly confront these challenges. The leaders we need now, in 2019 and beyond are those who are ready to accept responsibility and face the challenges head on. Not those who will duck away when called to duty. We need leaders who will serve the interest of the majority NOT dealers who will serve only themselves and their minority cartel.  NigerianNews Special


  • Buhari’s Leadership Disappointment and Confused Nigerians!
    by Frisky Larr
    March 27, 2017

    Who doesn’t remember the dirty tricks in the presidential elections of 2015? A medical report was released, ostensibly engineered by the incumbent President of the time, from the Teaching Hospital of a reputable Nigerian university. The content was explosive and a potential game-changer. It purportedly revealed the negative medical record of the then opposition candidate, Muhammadu Buhari. A long-standing impact of advancing prostate cancer was poised to take a toll on his fitness for the office he aspired to hold, so the report claimed. Remember the misstep at a rally stage and the hyped reports of a slump on the campaign trail?  NigerianNews Special


  • Judging The Judges
    by Atsar Terver
    October 12 2016

    There is a hurricane blowing across the nation, it is blowing hot with blazes of hunger and pain, glares of uncertainty, casting a hazy cloud on the horizon, eliciting sighs of despair among the people and a cacophony of discordant tunes from the leadership. Things are falling apart and the center cannot hold (W. B. Yeats). The country has been officially declared to be in a recession. For the Nigerian in the street, ‘recession’ is just, like the Finance Minister said, a word; an essentially meaningless word, because they don’t understand it. That is the job of professional economists and financial analysts. For them, what they know is that ‘things are hard’ and ‘there is no money’ NigerianNews Special

  • Consolidating the Gains of the Fight against Corruption in Nigeria: The Need to Ban Convicted Looters from Holding Public Office for Life.
    by Abubakar Alkali Sokoto
    October 09 2016

    The ongoing anti-corruption fight of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has recorded huge success in laying a solid foundation aimed at stamping out corruption from our country. It is fair to state that for a very long time in the history of our country, corruption has been the norm rather than the exception and eaten deep into all strata of the Nigerian system. However, President Buhari has been able to make corruption the exception rather than the norm.  NigerianNews Guest

  • Close the Nigerian Senate and Cut down the Size of House of Representatives by 75% to Rescue Nigeria out of Economic Recession
    by Abubakar Alkali Sokoto
    September 29 2016
    When Senegal closed down its senate in September 2012 to raise cash to help victims affected by flood disaster, many people raised their hands and commended President Macky Sall’s government. The Senegalese senators fought vehemently to retain their seats but lost the votes at a joint sitting of the Senegalese parliament. The Senegalese government vowed to use the $15 million raised through the closure of the senate to not only offer emergency assistance to the affected residents but also to prevent further flood disasters. It was a landmark decision by the Senegalese government to close the senate and rescue their country from economic recession and turmoil.  NigerianNews Special

    by Abubakar Alkali Sokoto
    September 16 2016
    The current downturn in the price of oil has led to an economic turmoil that has reverberated across the globe with negative consequences for the living conditions of the people. It is also noteworthy that the global economic downturn coupled with senseless attacks on oil infrastructure in the Niger Delta and decades of relentless corruption have conspired to bring Nigeria to recession.  NigerianNews Special
  • Before We Import Brazillian Grass
    by Atsar Terver
    September 12, 2016
    Over 20 years ago, a distant cousin graduated from university with a degree in English Language. The unemployment situation in the country then was not as bad as it has degenerated today, but it was still difficult to secure a job. My uncle, his father, had suggested that he travel to Makurdi to meet with the then Deputy Governor under the then military administration who was also a relation, to help the young graduate secure a job with the state civil service. NigerianNews Special
  • When Citizens 'Can't' Exercise Their Powers
    Amir Abdulazeez
    August 09 2016

    Over the last eight months, Nigerians have been very angry with the National Assembly. Although, the discontent of Nigerians with their national lawmakers over the past 16 years has become habitual and almost permanent, several events in the 8th National Assembly have accelerated this discontent. From Bukola Saraki’s refusal to resign over corruption allegations to the purchase of cars for lawmakers at ‘inflated’ prices down to the inability of both chambers to make their budget details clearly open and lately, to the on-going budget padding controversy; Nigerians have never probably being angrier with their representatives in the legislative arm than they are now. Add all of these to the social media bill controversy, the lawmakers’ quest to give their leaders life pension and immunity and Abdulmumini Jibrin’s latest cameo; then you can say, the sore relationship between Nigerians and their federal lawmakers have reached a point of no return NigerianNews Guest

  • Garba Ogbede should be sacked or promoted.
    by Anthony A. Kila
    July 25, 2016
    There is no doubt in my mind, given the ways things are going in the country; Mr Garba Ogbede should not be allowed to remain at his present position: The man should either be sacked or promoted. NigerianNews Special

  • It is time for a moratorium on this National Assembly
    by Anthony A. Kila
    June 23, 2016
    In a sane society, there is a level below which no individual or group should be allowed to sink into, hence we have rules for incapacitation and practices of charity and isolation for those who show trends that can hurt our humanity and indeed our sociality. Mercy is what is reserved for the weak and ill ones amongst us; castigation is what we save for our errant ones. When the offender is powerful due to status or capacity then the answer must include rebellion.
    NigerianNews Special

  • This PDP should Perish or Reform
    by Anthony A. Kila
    June 07, 2016
    Once upon a time, there was a land wherein it was common practice for everyone to be happily affected by, and even actively participate in any kind of religious festival or event around them. It did not really matter whether it was a Christian, Muslim or Egungun festival, everyone in the various communities enjoyed the events and they all rejoiced with their associates, colleagues, neighbors or family members who were part of that creed even though they were not. The only difference between say a Christian and a Muslim on Christmas day was who paid bill because everybody celebrated and those that belonged to the celebrated faith hosted or sent refreshments to those that did not NigerianNews Special

  • Between ‘True Federalism’ and ‘True Leadership’
    Amir Abdulazeez
    June 07 2016

    Three things are apparently no longer in doubt as far as the Nigerian project is concerned. One, as much as 75% or more of the 36 oil-money dependent states, cannot independently sustain themselves economically to a significant level, now and perhaps forever. Two, Nigerians may never be able to sincerely and patriotically shelve their ethnic, religious, political and selfish differences to pursue collective national prosperity. With the more divisive orientation we are giving to the upcoming generation of Nigerians, we can even be certain about this. Three, leadership failure has done so much damage to Nigeria and her citizens that no one can precisely predict how long it will take for citizens’ hope, trust and confidence on leadership at ‘all’ levels to be fully restored.   NigerianNews Guest

  • This PDP should Perish or Reform
    by Anthony A. Kila
    May 25, 2016
    There is no other way to put it; the PDP as it appears today is not useful to Nigeria and to students of politics anywhere in the world. As a party, it is confused; as a movement, it seems soulless and with no principles or vision, as a group it appears shapeless and with no structure or ethos. Even its brightest and most articulate minds appear not to want to associate with the party. The best of the party have developed the habit of speaking as individuals or even like mere passers-by rather than as members or leaders of a party that was in power till just about a year ago.
    NigerianNews Special

  • Bukola Saraki: Aristocratically-spoilt Child trying hard to dare Buhari!
    by Frisky Larr
    April 27, 2016
    “Serves Buhari right” one may be tempted to say and many are saying it loudly too, albeit for different reasons. One of such reasons appealed to me to a limited extent and it reflects the inherent culture of contradictions in ordinary Nigerians. In a brief trip through memory lane, I recall the verbal missiles of hate that flew the ways of former President Olusegun Obasanjo during the second half of his presidency. I recall how much of an object of hate he was in a very large section of the intellectual community, with some persisting till the very moment.  NigerianNews Special

  • Buhari should say something about CBN Recruitment Scandal
    by Anthony A. Kila
    April 27, 2016
    There is an open sore on the minds and dignity of many Nigerians that probably only President Buhari can quickly heal by saying something clear and loud about the sore and those that caused it. The sore in question is the recent murky recruitment exercise carried out by the Central Bank of Nigeria in which children and close relatives of public office holders and politicians were secretly recruited into sensitive and highly lucrative jobs
    NigerianNews Special

  • The Way Out of The Chibok Girls Debacle
    by Abubakar Alkali Sokoto
    April 27 2016
    The ‘proof of life’ video released by Boko haram on 14th April 2016 showing 15 of the 276 schoolgirls abducted by Boko haram from Government secondary school Chibok in Borno state North East Nigeria has yet again reinvigorated hopes of a safe return home of the girls. Boko haram apparently released the video as a bargaining chip for a possible prisoner swap which they have consistently maintained as their key condition for the release of the girls. The release of the video coincided with the second anniversary of the abduction and also the capture of the Boko haram second in command, Usman Mohammed a.k.a Khaled Al Barnawi by the Nigerian security forces.  NigerianNews Guest Column

    Exclusive Interview with Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo
    by Frisky Larr
    March 21, 2016
    Ex-President Obasanjo has no Regrets and no Apologies for facilitating a Jonathan Presidency! NigerianNews Special

  • The Nigerian Senate and the Colours of Corruption
    by Abubakar Alkali Sokoto
    The Nigerian senate is at it again when the news went round that the upper legislative chamber is hell bent on spending  about N4.7 Billion in buying 109 exotic and posh cars to be used presumably for ‘oversight functions’. The House of Representatives seem to have followed suit by also announcing that the lower legislative chamber is spending N4.2 Billion in buying 360 exotic cars also for the purpose of thesocalled ‘oversight’ functions. Put together, the total amount of tax payers’ cash to be spent on to buy 460 exotic cars for our senators and representatives will be over N10 Billion.  NigerianNews Guest Column

  • Of Pharisees and Cardinals in the Buhari Equation!
    by Frisky Larr
    To the objective mind, the Christian religion in Nigeria today seems to embody a story that is yet to be told to a generation that is struggling to identify the goals, functions and aspirations of this religion. In a corporate society like Nigeria’s that has been smashed and battered to its barest fabrics, this is a daunting task. When I set out to write the book “Africa’s Diabolical Entrapment”, I was determined not to give the Christian religion any semblance of wholesale condemnation in the face of the socially and politically useful moral values that the religion incorporates to the benefit of any society that cares.  NigerianNews Special

  • Reflections On The New Year 2016: Find The Light and Your Steps Will be Steady Towards An Assured Future.
    Every New Year people reflect on what the New Year portends.  The future has always been a mystery that human beings have expended a lot of energy, resources trying to figure it out.  Some read the stars; some read tea leaves, other consult astrologers, spiritualists and have penetrated the veil between the real, material world and the spiritual or the unseen world, where the future, the present and the past all blend into an endless flow.  If there is any resolution to be made this year, my recommendation is don’t take predictions too seriously, don’t let your life be governed by predictions. If predictions come true, you have fallen into a self-fulfilling prophesy, and you cannot prove otherwise. Of course there are some with a keen foresight and wisdom, who can look at the current trajectory of a person and make predictions.  Those predictions however, need not be treated as inevitable, but as advice whether to keep the current course or change directions. NigerianNews Editorial

  • Is Muhammadu Buhari Playing by the Rules?
    by Frisky Larr
    Is anyone surprised today that the political soup of Nigeria is literally boiling over the spaces of the mighty cauldron? The foamy substance of the toxic brew is powered by the intensity of the fire beneath the cauldron. And the heat is not abating! Since Muhammadu Buhari took the reins of power as President of Africa’s most populous country, opposition has gathered momentum with the slow pace of the soup in the cauldron taking time to build its steam and blow the foam beyond the edges. No one took the opposition seriously for one single moment because logical reasoning is not the foundation on which they build their vindictive assault. They act like preachers of hate. They act like preachers of death. Yet, they sound an appeal to righteousness and often seem to make the real righteous ones look dumb and daft.  NigerianNews Special

  • We need to do something about this NTA
    by Anthony A. Kila
    After a long period of abstinence, I have returned to discover that there is still an open sore on the airwaves of Nigeria and since about over a decade ago, thanks to technology, from Nigeria to the airwaves of practically the whole world. The sore is in the form of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). It is an open wound that hurts millions of Nigerians within and beyond the shores of Nigeria and it needs urgent healing; there is no other way of saying it, this NTA as it stands today needs to be either thoroughly reformed or completely disbanded. NigerianNews Special

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  • Consumers task FG, GENCOs on sustainable electricity as supply picks
    With the recent system collapse which resulted in a drastic drop in power supply, many consumers did... Read more...

  • NERC issues new guidelines for DISCOs
    The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC has issued guidelines for consultation by operators that want to review the cost of generation, transmission and supply of electricity, the prices of electricity services and classification of customers. Read more...

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  • THE Civil War

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  • Nigeria in 2015: Is THERE A Way Out of THE Wilderness?
    There is the history of the Jews on their way to the Promised Land, which they were told  was flowing with Milk and Honey. The generation that left Egypt was caught up in the wilderness and never made it to the Promised Land. Why? they cannot claim that they had bad leadership, in fact they has a good, inspired leader in Moses, a courageous leader, who faced down Pharaoh the ruler of the greatest  Empire the world has ever known.  Moses their leader was chosen by God Himself but the people decided to go their own  way. Moses could not have been accused of bad leadership, of corruption or favoritism.  In fact when he faced accusations, God Himself vindicated him.  Recently our former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo agreed with Pastor Adeboye, The Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God that Nigerian  needs God intervention NigerianNews Editorial

    'Agitation by the people of the South-East for creation of an additional State in the area to put them at par with other zones of the federation received huge support  when, thursday, The demand received the unanimous backing from members of the National Conference Committee on Political Reforms and Forms of Government' so says the header glee by the Guardian! it is the NigerianNews opinion on this seeming show of magnanimity that the committee actually missed the point and in fact it actually compounded the problem! If the Zone is the federating unit, a case that this Confab should actually discuss thoroughly, S'East is in fact owed 2 States, while S'West, S'South, N'Central and the N'East are owed one additional State each to keep up or be at par with the N'West, a member of the Zonal federating unit! NigerianNews Editorial


    January 01 2014
    We wish all our Nigerian compatriots a Happy 2014! Many ups and downs will straddle our beloved Nigeria this New Year more than it was in 2013. We need to renegotiate the basis for our coexistence through the National Conference in 2014 if we must prove those who think Nigeria will collapse in 2015 wrong. We again must not continue to put our problems under the rug in order to appease the sacred cow in our midst, if this Federal Republic must endure NigerianNews Editorial

    Octobe 21 2013
    We all share Fmr. Gov. Bola Ahmed Tinubu's scepticism, but a lot of us are students of history! So, for us, the best place to express this scepticism is at the Conference of unique ethnic nationalities. As students of history, in 1964, UPGA decided to boycott the federal election. The boycott was almost total in the East, UPGA boycotted the election in the West, but the Akintola's NNDP, an alliance in NNA went to the poll. NigerianNews Editorial

  • NigerianNews Side Bar: (Why confab's outcome will go to N'Assembly, by Jonathan)
    What happens to referendum? this is where Asiwaju Tinubu and other skeptics should start putting pressure on Jonathan to let referendum be the final place of decision in a True National Conference of ethnic Nationality. If the conference decides that THE National assembly should cease to exist, we cannot expect faithful execution from The National Assembly.

  • NigerianNews Side Bar: Tinubu Says No to National Confab
    Nothing ingenious about articulating that Jonathan wants National Conference for his own reason and benefit, what history can be Termed as dumb is not to Take THE bait and work around it turning it into a gifT and advantage from Jonathan. We at THE NNews believe THE persons of Okuroumu and Nwabuaze will not allow themselves to be used for Jonathan's ELECTORAL purpose. We only hope between Lai Mohammed and Tinubu that APC would not be destroyed in THE South West before it has chances of deep root. We can put this Tinubu assertion in THE same blunder category Lai Mohammed committed when Jonathan declared STATE of Emergency in those STATEs in THE North East. THERE are ways not to oppose for opposing sake. We just have to hope that personal ambition is also not driving Tinubu's comment and we sincerely wish THE Asiwaju well hoping he does not dash THE hopes and ambitions of those who believe in (S)National Conference NNews

  • Obama and his slap on Nigeria's face
    July 01 2013
    it is becoming like an affront to Obama's friends both in Nigeria and THE US, especially Nigerian-Americans. THEre has to be more to Obama's speech everywhere so far in Africa without mentioning Nigeria NigerianNews Editorial

    NigerianNews Side Bar: 'Obama and his slap on Nigeria's face' Unique Visitor counter
    Ridiculously, someone went to our server side at 8:34 PM Est Monday July 1, 2013 and reseT THE above arTicle's unique counter to 91. THE purpose may have been to indicate that No one is reading THE arTicle! Our observation earlier showed above 1000 unique readers as recorded by THE counter. at this point, whoever did this was not able to reseT counter for people who read this arTicle from our Facebook site from where 465 of our unique readers at that Time came. this people have a long reach, even if it means sabotaging friends! NNEWS

Special Columns
  • Frisky Larr's Current Column

    The Enemies of Nigeria are the oppressed Nigerians!
    by Frisky Larr
    October 16, 2015
    The thesis suggested by the title of this essay will not come as a surprise to any political observer within the Nigerian experimental space by any standard. Since our subject will be governance and society, however, our standard for evaluation will also be governance and society. In every society, governance is always about the people. While some systems of governance pretend that power emanates from and rests with the people, other systems make no secret of their disdain for the notion of “People’s Power”. NigerianNews Special
    || Read more articles by Frisky

  • Atsar Terver's Current Column
    ECHOES:Commentary on burning public issues

    Lessons from Jonathan's defeat.
    by Atsar Terver
    May 06, 2015
    The defeat of Jonathan in the last Presidential election has broken some political myths in Nigeria and also so radically redefined the game of power succession; such that political analysts and social scientists will need to review their theories or formulate completely new ones in order to accurately interpret political developments or predict future trends. NigerianNews Special

  • ||Read more articles by Terver
  •  Anthony A. Kila's Current Column

    We need to do something about this NTA
    by Anthony A. Kila
    October 18, 2015
    After a long period of abstinence, I have returned to discover that there is still an open sore on the airwaves of Nigeria and since about over a decade ago, thanks to technology, from Nigeria to the airwaves of practically the whole world. The sore is in the form of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). It is an open wound that hurts millions of Nigerians within and beyond the shores of Nigeria and it needs urgent healing; there is no other way of saying it, this NTA as it stands today needs to be either thoroughly reformed or completely disbanded.
    NigerianNews Special | Read more articles by Kila

  • AN INTERVIEW WITH Former Governor Donald Duke of Cross River
    NigerianNews Interview Series

    Fmr Gov Donald Duke
    "those that are now fanning themselves out to serve on THE platform of PDP, and now appear to be THE solution to THE problem of Nigeria, are indeed THE problem of Nigeria. THE problem cannot all of a sudden turn out to be THE solution. I have problem with that. to me Nigeria is sacrosanct, PDP is not." NigerianNews Interview click here


    Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ojo Maduekwe, was recently in THE UNITED STATES as a participant in the 'Nigeria Meets the World Conference' organized by thisDay, and THE United Nations General Assembly session. He spoke exclusively with NNews at THE New York Millennium Plaza. NigerianNews Interview

  • Inaugural speech by Governor Fayose October 16, 2014
    NNEWS Correspondent

    FORMER Niger Delta freedom fighter, Chief ateke tom, has called on Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers STATE in Southern Nigeria, to quit his office. NNEWS Correspondent

  • Leadership Failure: Nigerians Are Walking Prisoners In Austria
    Report by Uzoma Ahamefule
    Mr President Sir, members of THE honourable national Assembly and House of Reps, THE foreign Affairs Minister and fellow Nigerians, when one extends hands of friendship it is natural that one has exposed oneself to danger. today not only that I have extended those hands of friendship but I have equally once more exposed my emotions and love to public ridicule and attack because of my affection for Nigeria. NNEWS Correspondent | Read more reporTs

Religious Special Columns
  • Practice Forgiveness: A Powerful tool to Open THE Door of God's Blessings

    Minister Ayodele Mobolurin
    THE goal of forgiveness is restoration. Restoration of your peace of mind and restoration of a broken relationship. THE second goal may not be possible, because THE OTHER party does not want to put away THE contention. However, THE first is achievable, since it depends only on one party to THE contentious issue. Forgiveness is a powerful tool for restoring your peace of mind.  You are at peace even with those that consider you an enemy. THE scripture commands forgiveness  NigerianNews Religious Special
    |  Read more arTicles by Prof Mobolurin


    by Pastor Joseph Idowu
    In John 3: 16 and 17 we read '"
    For God so love THE world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  For God sent not his Son INTO THE world to condemn THE world; but that THE world through him might be saved." . NigerianNews Religious Special | Read more arTicles by Pastor Idowu

Guest Columns
  • Ministerial confirmation: Amaechi and the mystery of his political struggles
    by Eze Chukwuemeka Eze
    October 20 2015
    Preamble and Political Life
    Contrary to the expectations of Chief Nyesom Wike and his gang of miserable ingrates, their ferocious campaign to blackmail, disparage and portray Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi as a very corrupt person and unfit to be appointed as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria failed to achieve the desired objective. On 30
    th September, 2015 President Muhammadu Buhari went ahead to list and submit the name of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi along with those of 20 other great Nigerians as ministerial nominees to the Senate for confirmation.  NigerianNews Guest Column

  • Welcome President-Elect Buhari: Hope Rekindled
    by Daniel Akerejah
    April 20 2015
    “In a country as diverse as ours, there will always be passionate arguments about how we draw the line when it comes to government action. That is how our democracy works. But our democracy might work a bit better if we recognized that all of us possess values that are worthy of respect” ---------- Barack Obama in The Audacity of Hope NigerianNews Guest Column


  • 10 Things We Have to Do Before the 2019 Elections
    Amir Abdulazeez
    April 20 2015
    Nigeria is a nation that is famous for taking one step forward and then two or more steps backwards. Whenever one step is taken in the right direction, several other steps would be taken in the wrong one. This is probably one of the major reasons why we have failed to make a lasting and permanent progress in a lot of things.  NigerianNews Guest Column

  • Ministerial Candidates should win elections in their states to qualify as ministers
    by Abubakar Alkali Sokoto
    November 02 2015
    The ministerial screening exercise conducted by the 8th senate has been adjudged to be a success at least to the extent that all the ministerial nominees passed the test and were confirmed. Albeit, very few people expected otherwise for obvious reasons. Apart from the fact that section 147 (2) of the 1999 constitution has been satisfied, there are quite a few lessons to take home from the exercise. The constitution was also clear in section 147 (3) that the President shall appoint at least one minister from each state. A glaring constitutional lacuna appears apparent in that the constitution was not explicit on the grassroots attachment and connection of the ministerial nominees to their states and constituencies.  NigerianNews Guest Column

  • 10 things We Learnt From THE APC and PDP Primaries
    Amir Abdulazeez
    December 22 2014
    THE primary elections of Nigeria's Two strongest POLITICAL parties, THE All Progressives' Congress (APC) and THE Peoples' Democratic ParTy (PDP) might have come and gone, but THE dusts raised by THE exercises across various STATEs of THE federation are yeT to settle. As things are currently going, it is unlikely that THE primary election appeal committees of both parties will adequately or significantly settle THEse dusts so much that it will amount to a major change of THE status quo NigerianNews Guest Column

    Kali Gwegwe
    November 27 2014
     Politicians are mostly known for Telling voters what they intend to or can do if voted into power. this belief has been dislodged from THE consciousness of Nigerian citizens owing to THE spate of threats by opposition politicians and POLITICAL parties.-- NigerianNews Guest Column

  • EBOLA: A bowl of contradictions
    Wole Ameyan, Jr.MD,MPH
    November 19 2014
    The hypothesized setting is a remote village in a remote part of the world. Mr Tuba, a 93 year old man with a known history of terminal cancer sadly succumbs to the disease and dies. He was from a long lineage of longevity. He had been intermittently ill for 3 years. Luckily, a doctor had been to see him and discuss with his family, extended and nuclear,informing that his was a terminal case. Coupled with his old age, he was unlikely to be alive in another 4 weeks. The doctor suggests that efforts be made where possible for the last periods of his life to be spent in relative ease and comforT. With 30,000 in cash, Mr tuba could be managed properly and provided with items that will make him live in modest comfort until he breathes his last. NigerianNews Guest Column

    Amir Abdulazeez
    November 11 2014
    it is now Time for us to ask Nigerian Governors on why they do not want their deputies to succeed them. alternatively, we may ask the DEPUTY Governors as to what are their sins which are so dreadful that their bosses wouldn't want them to succeed them. A DEPUTY Governor should naturally be the person with the best chance to succeed an outgoing Governor, going by the fact that he is constitutionally mandated to take over from him in the event of any unforeseen circumstance like death, impeachment or incapacitation.  Furthermore, a DEPUTY is seen as the closest working ally of his principal and probably that's why the constitution gave an exclusive right to the Governor to determine his running mate. However, this is not the case here in Nigeria, particularly in this dispensation. NigerianNews Guest Column

    Kali Gwegwe
    September 22 2014
    it is important that Nigerians begin to show serious interest not only in the party in power but the opposition too. this is because the strength of a nation's democracy is in how vibrant the opposition is. For many discerning minds, the greatest threat to Nigeria's democratic culture and obstacle to a rapid socio-economic development is not the actions or inactions of the party in power. Poor opposition Tradition is. NigerianNews Guest Column

  • 'Commander-in-Chief of NTA'
    Amir Abdulazeez
    September 08 2014
    ast week, Kano STATE Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso said President Goodluck Jonathan appears to be more of the Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) than of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, because of the promotional Television jingles that according to him wrongly compare THE President with oTHEr successful world leaders. NigerianNews Guest Column

    Kali Gwegwe
    September 03 2014
    POLITICAL opposition is to democracy what spice is to stew. Unfortunately, most Nigerian opposition leaders mistake hate for opposition politics. this is responsible for the deplorable opposition culture in THE country. it means that POLITICAL opposition has been able to contribute maximally to the growth of Nigerian democracy. NigerianNews Guest Column

  • Youths, Save NIGERIA.
    Ayokunle Adeleye
    June 04 2014
    I have since heard many a youth lament about how our grandfathers continue to ruin the country in the name of ruling it, about how the rulers of yesteryears are yet the leaders of tomorrow, about how these grandfathers themselves were youths when they set out but now detest our youth and our entitlement, about how the affairs of the youth are left for our gramps (and grannies) to ru(i)n. NigerianNews Guest Column

  • The die is cast; A Daniel has come to Judgment.
    Godwin Ndubuisi Aleke
    May 15 2014
    towards 2011 elections, enough of us took to the streets because we saw it an opportunity to break away from our evil past, right the wrongs, and begin to build for a better future. We gave several commitments; we exposed our flanks, all in service to our fatherland.NigerianNews Guest Column

  • THE Quality of a Good Politician in a Democratic Society
    by Adewale T. Akande
    April, 29 2014
    My little Oxford dictionary defines politician as '"person engaged or interested in politics" and politics as '"science and arT of government; POLITICAL affairs or life or principles etc." Politics consists of '"social relations involving authority and power". A politician is defined as one who is actively involved in politics or one who holds or seeks a POLITICAL office. A politician is an individual who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making in government. Politicians play a central role in our lives.  NigerianNews Guest Column

  • Again on THE ASUU strike.
     (ASUU: Academic staff Union of Universities)

    by Ayokunle Adeleye
    November 01 2013
    There are hints, yes, insinuations, that the President, if ASUU rejects his next (perhaps, last) offer, will forcefully open the Universities- and perhaps Polytechnics, since ASUP is also on strike. NigerianNews Guest Column

    by Abubakar Alkali Sokoto
    August 30 2013
    IN THE run up to THE 2015 elections, one topical issue that has overwhelmed THE POLITICAL landscape is THE eligibility or otherwise of President Goodluck Jonathan to contest THE Presidential elections. SHOULD PRESIDENT JONATHAN CONTEST THE 2015 ELECTIONS? Based on THE performance of President Jonathan in office in THE last 3 years, THE provisions of THE 1999 constitution of THE federal republic of Nigeria and THE POLITICAL mood of THE nation, THE answer proffered by majority of Nigerians to this question is a flat NO. NigerianNews Guest Column

    by Femi Aborisade
    July 06, 2013
    this paper analyses THE Pension Reform Act with a view to identifying safety net provisions in THE Act, if any, and THE adequacy or otherwise of such provisions.
    . NigerianNews Guest Column

  • Amnesty for Boko Haram: THE Conundrum of Northern POLITICAL Leaders and a Lesson for Nigeria.
    by Prof. Ayodele Mobolurin
    May 15, 2013
    THE current call by segments of THE Northern Leadership, including THE organization Ja'amatu Nasril Islam (JNI) that amnesty be granted to Boko Haram demands dispassionate analysis of THE issues.Boko Haram is organization that is leading an insurgency against THE government of Nigeria NigerianNews Guest Column

  • Ministerial confirmation: Amaechi and the mystery of his political struggles
    by Eze Chukwuemeka Eze
    October 20, 2015
    Preamble and Political Life
    Contrary to the expectations of Chief Nyesom Wike and his gang of miserable ingrates, their ferocious campaign to blackmail, disparage and portray Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi as a very corrupt person and unfit to be appointed as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria failed to achieve the desired objective. On 30
    th September, 2015 President Muhammadu Buhari went ahead to list and submit the name of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi along with those of 20 other great Nigerians as ministerial nominees to the Senate for confirmation.  NigerianNews Guest Column

  •  Read more Guest Columns arTicles
L E T T E RS  T O  T H E  E D I T O R
  • Wike kick-starts looting master plan – APC Alleges

    Source: Chris Finebone
    State Publicity Secretary
    The All Progressives Congress, APC says it is shocked that “accidental caretaker” governor of Rivers State, Barr. Nyesom Wike has confirmed the fears of many a Rivers person by jump-starting his well-planned looting spree of the funds of Rivers State by verbally awarding a multi-billion Naira pot-hole contract to Julius Berger Ltd. without due process. Read more...

    Amir Abdulazeez

    Gradually, Nigerian politicians are introducing a brand new POLITICAL system that had probably never existed before and does not currently exist anywhere in THE world. it is imporTant to note that, THEre are Two ways to creativity; one, you can create something from THE scratch and Two; you can modify and re-modify something that is existing, until it becomes entirely different from its former self. Read more...

    Ebimieowei David Alabrah
    October 04 2013
    Your Excellency,
    THE President & Commander-in-Chief,
    Of THE Federal Republic of Nigeria,
    Your Excellency sir, I know you are a very busy person because of THE present workload you are carrying but please come to my aid/help now before it will be too late for God's sake. I humbly implore you to read my earlier message to you and act now as THE Management of Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) had not done anything about THE matter up until Time of writing. Will appreciate you detail EITHER THE Minister of Labour, Productivity & Employment of Minister of Petroleum or Group Managing Director of NNPC or your Personal Assistant of Niger Delta/Amnesty to call and follow up with THE Managing Director of Shell Nigeria Company (SPDC) to resolve this issue.

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