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By Lonny Rhodes

Dear Editor

I am writing about a scam that is being perpetuated from within Nigeria. The infamous Nigerian money offers scam. I have phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the culprits. I am unable to track this information down to a person or persons because I don't have those resources here. I would really like to see this thing broken up and the perpetrators prosecuted. I'm not sure who to contact for assistance but I do believe in the power of the press. Would you be interested in this information? I have e-mail communications and faxes from these individuals along with the phone numbers from both Montreal and Nigeria. I would be more than happy to supply this information if you think something can be done. I was sent an e-mail from these individuals. With promises of something for nothing. I talked to my brother, who is involved with high level security about the major scams going on today. He gave me the website of the top 10 scams being perpetrated at this time. This is one of them. So I played along with them to get as much information from them as I could. It would be great  to have and address and names to go along with these phone numbers. I am also contacting a paper in Montreal Quebec Canada with the same requests because a part of this scam is being handles from there. I don't want money or anything like that, just for this to be exposed and stopped and those people who are doing this prosecuted.

Lonny Rhodes, CEO
Rhodes Consulting, Inc.


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