Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Dudley Christian and I ama Canadian citizen who has been over the last few years playing along with and collecting from many sources information about the subject matter from your countrymen.  Most of the approachees which I have doucumented claim to be in High Official positions and I have gained the trust of many, though the price I paid was great. I have compiled these bits of information to compile a book about your peoples and your Government which lets this continue, to the detriment of those from overseas who would lend assistance to your country.  All that your scam artists are doing is making it difficult  for ANYONE from you country to be trusted in anyway.   I have dealth with those from Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, Ivory Coast, and so on including such as Lawyers, Doctors, Bankers, Generals , Secretarys, and even one claiming to be the sister of the past recently dead President.
I receive many letters such as this.....----- Original Message -----

To: DN Christian <>
From: Engr. Martin Douglas <>
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 9:33 PM
Subject: Business Assistance
> Engr.Martin Douglas            Jany 8th 2002
>  No. 16 Kingsway road,
>  Ikoyi lagos
>  Nigeria.              Tel/Fax:: 234-1-7742913.
which goes on and on until they invariably ask for some sort of help financially and when the poor fool foreigner helps them then the fllod gates are open . I have had constant phone,fax and e-mail contacts with many of these dating back to the fall of 1999 at which time I went ona wild goose chase to England upon the request of one General Jerimiah Useni and I met his attorney Grayham Douglas, a Mr. Walker from London , one Carlos from Nigeria and was given one of the $100.00us bills that was covered and then cleaned which was packed in two steamer trunks and which I was told held a sum of $28,000,000.00.If this was true I do NOT know BUT I do know that I saw the blackened money cleaned before my eyes and I ended up with a genuine bank checked and proven  legal  $100.00 US bill. Of course the rest of the money then required more chemical for use to clean same and there was the scam....cost of new chemical being $189,000.00 This was in December of  1999 and I have waited since then for a refund of my expenses from my good friend General Useni but each time we talk , and it is,was, has been often over the past years since then, each promise of his results in as always more lying excuses  and NO MONEY....
Yes I have spent lots of hard earned monies on these scams and now only look for an outlet that will help me get this book to the people of Nigeria as well as the World so that thes scam perpetrators can and will be brought to justice..
If you think you can help me, and will do so, I will greatly appreciate your assistance. I have over 500 pages of e-mails, faxes and letters as well as over 20 hours of taped conversations with  these peoples whom I have been contacted by so you can see I DO have the PROOF to back up what I say.
I shall be awaiting your reply with interest and sending a copy of this letter to the other gentlemen that have written you.,
Sincerely and Bitterly Disappointed in Your Countrys inability to correct the above,
I remain,
Dudley Christian


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