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By Donald L Bowman

Dear Sirs,

How is it that no one in your country can put an end to this so called 419 problem in Nigeria. I recently placed a post giving names, phone numbers etc. hoping that either the Nigerian police or government would pick up on the information I provided and at least have the coutiesey to call me and or write me acknowledging my post in your news.

I do not believe that these actions by so many people in your country can be good for improving the status in the world of what people think of Nigeria and or its people.

This so called "Governor " of the CBN ( Central Bank of Nigeria ) one Mr. Chief Joseph Sanusi and friends ripped me off for over $70,000.00 actual dollars that I sent them for this item or for that. I even sent him money because he was short one week so his daughter could have money to go back to school with.

Frankly, I never think I will receive my money back, and the amount I quoted does not include any of the expenses incurred in trying to help someone out.

You can rest assured that two things will happen. I will at sometime be back in Nigeria, and I will do everything in my power to find out who these people are and when I do, I can assure that they will have there lives SLOWLY removed from there
actual beings, this I will promise you.

I say this because frankly your police in my opinion do not care, for all I know they are probably receiving my money also, ( prove me wrong. ) I will not relent in finding out who these people are and if I should ruin someone's life or bring lots of questioning upon there heads then so be  it. Let them go through what these ass holes have put me and my family through.

Once again I will make a blanket offer to your law enforcement staffs, I have names, some addresses, phone numbers etc if they care to follow it up. My only condition ids that I must be kept informed if arrest are made.

Thank you for your time, and I hope either someone from your staff will contact me or someone in Nigerian Law Enforcement or your federal government will follow this up.


Donald L. Bowman
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA


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