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About the Nigerian advanced fee scam

The Nigerian Advance Fee Scheme, also known internationally as "4-1-9" fraud after the section of the Nigerian penal code which addresses fraud schemes, is generally targeted at small and medium sized businesses, as well as charities. This global scam, recently seen in Russia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as the US, involves the receipt of an unsolicited letter purporting to come from someone who claims to work for the Nigerian Central Bank or from the Nigerian government. The Central Bank of Nigeria denies all connection to those who promote this scheme.

SCAMS: The Nigerian Advance Fee Scheme

October 30, 2007

Hello My Dear.

I am Mrs Nene Briggs,the wife of the late Mr Felix Nuate Briggs of the Movement For The Soveriegn State of Ogoni in Rivers State,the Niger Delta Oil Producing Community Of Nigeria,who was killed along side Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight others during the military junta of the late Head of State Gen. Sani Abacha.Since the death of my husband,life has not been the same for me and my family. I know we have not met before, but, I am contacting you with due sense of humanity, responsibility and the believe that you will give my proposal a mutual understanding. I am soliciting for your assistance to clear and move from the finance company the sum $14.5million USD to your country for investment.

The fund is presently in a security/finance company for safety purposes since the 12- 2- 2003. It was saved through the security company just to divert prying eyes. The real content of the box was not declared as it was kept as photographic equipment on deposit. Please I need you as a partner to assist in clearing and subsequently transferring the fund in a safe account overseas and also, to provide good investment plans for it. The fund will be under your investment control for three years during which only the profit will be shared among us (you and I), 80% for me and 20% for you annually. I am a Christian with the fear of GOD in any thing I do so please I want us to build-up trust on each other. I will send you all the deposit documents as soon as you indicate your interest to be my partner.

Kindly reply here:
Thanks and God bless.
Nene Briggs (Mrs)

September 14, 2007

Letter sent by a would-be victim from Brisbane Australia

From: June
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2007 5:53 PM
Subject: I Need Help

My name is June Wood I live in Brisbane Australia I received this email tonight which I have attached, one of the names on the list is a very close friend of mine which I was expecting home very soon. I need someone to verify this email. I am worried sick about my friend. I await your response.

June Wood

Editor's reply

Hello June,

what you have just experienced is what is known as the 419 scam in Nigeria. The email you received is a scheme to swindle you, please do not let this scoundrel upset you. Just simply don't take any action.
In future, always check the 419 section, you may find a similar letter sent to someone else by the same author or in a re-incarnation with another name or aliases

We plan to post your letter and our reply at the 419 page.

Goodluck, and do not be bothered by these worthless scoundrels!

Editor, NigerianNews
Unbridled and Unafraid

Letter received by June from "Dr Adefarati"

I am Dr SUNDAY ADEFARATI, a medical Doctor. and
the Head Doctor at the ROYAL INFIRMARY HOSPITAL In Ota Ogun State
I understand that through Internet is not the best way to link up with you because of the shocking news i have for you.that's why i try calling you....but could not get through
A fatal accident that occur on Lagos Abeokuta expressway to murtala international airport here in nigeria takes away lots of souls whereby one of your relatives or friend was part of the injured people.
Here goes the name of the injured victims
Mr Larry Luth
Mr & Mrs Kenneth
Mr & Mrs Julian
Mr johnson edozie
Mrs Jennifer Brown
Mr John Marshal
Mr & Mrs Ashley
Mr Micheal Ross
Mr Keon Seaman
Mrs Ajara
   Those are the names of the injured victim, but we
got your contact from a passport belonging to Mr Micheal Ross he is on his way out of the country ... Those injure victim were transferred down to our hospital for emergency attention & some of the injured victim are dead while taking treatment because of the terrible accident that occurred, we only want you to pls confirm the name above & let us know which one
is your relatives out those that are listed. we wants you to get back to us & let us know who your relative is i really hope this email gets to you in the best of moods but we need your urgent attention to this coz we don't know who is who yet and we may lose more lives if the People are not urgently attended to, so get back to me ASAP and i will know what to do about the situation......
Thanks for your co-operation
Dr Adefarati
Royal Infirmary Hospital
sango Ota
Ogun state Nigeria

Your Email Won The Prize!

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The email that won the prize is no other than !

September 8, 2007

Reverend Jude: Call me | A letter to

New Era Foundation
10 Spintex Road, Tema
Accra, Ghana.
Tel: +233 - 287324825,

My Friend you are Bless,

With apologies for interference in your privacy I am Reverend Jude Adumante a director of the above mentioned foundation.I am writing you in regard to a good friend of mine and founder of the New Era Foundation,who was a foreigner and the managing director of an investment firm here in Ghana Unfortunately my friend died in 2000,He established these foundation to help less privileged minority people in our society which it was doing before the unfortunate death of its founder.

I am to conduct a standard process Investigation/Recommendation on behalf of The Trust Bank Ghana.This involves the late founder of our foundation who shares the same surname with you and also the circumstances surrounding his private funds deposited with The Trust Bank Ghana, the bank contacted me a month ago as the director of his foundation and a trustee to recommend a next of kin to the funds since he (Our Late founder) died intestate and nominated no successor in title over the fund deposit made with the bank amounting to US$10 Million (Ten Million Dollars).
The essence of this communication with you is to request that you provide me with information/comments on any or all of the four issues as regards nominating you to inherit the fund left behind since you are a foreigner with the same surname hence eligible to stand for claim of the funds. I have therefore contacted you to be legally nominated as next of kin (inheritor) to Our Late founder after all inquiries and investigation even with the relevant embassy has yielded results showing that there is no known or living next of kin. You are required therefore to answer this questions to enable me make my recommendation to The Trust Bank Ghana.

-Can you confirm your willingness to accept this inheritance if you are legally and legitimately nominated through my recommendation to the bank and approved to stand as inheritor to this funds. -Would you agree to donate 60% of this inheritance to our charity organization if you are officially recommended to the bank in my powers to stand as the inheritor? To know more about our charity organization please login to

It is pertinent that you inform me ASAP whether or not you are familiar with this personality or and your interest towards the issues mentioned.
You must appreciate that I am constrained from providing you with more detailed information at this point. Please respond to this mail as soon as possible to afford me the opportunity to provide you with more information on matter and upon your consent proceed with the recommendation of your person to the bank as the inheritor of the funds.

Thank you for accommodating this inquiry.

Remain Blessed.

Rev.Jude Adumante

EFCC, UK, US Anti-419 Operations Intercept N55bn Postal Scam
September 06, 2007
A joint postal interdiction operations involving operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the United States Postal Inspection Service and the United Kingdom Serious Organized Crimes Agency has ended in Lagos. The month long operation which was part of the Global Counterfeiting Financial Instrument Initiative Operation was rounded off on August 16, 2007. ThisDay

FROM: Dr David Peterson
Tel 27-78-161-7166
Return-Path: <>
September 05, 2007
I am Dr David Peterson, Director Project Implementation with South African Anglo-Gold Corporation in Johannesburg and a member of the Contract Tenders Board (CTB) of the above corporation. NigerianNews- Nigeria 419 Inc Special

David Diop
Director of bill and exchange at
the foreign remittance department of CITI BANK Senegal

August 31, 2007

I am Mr.David Diop,the Director of bill and exchange at the foreign remittance department of CITI BANK Senegal. In my department,I discovered an abandoned sum of $6m in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer (Kurt Kahle) who died along with his wife and son on a Monday, 31 July, 2000,13:22 GMT in a plane crash. NigerianNews- Nigeria 419 Inc Special

Avenues for Freezing Assets in the United States of Corrupt Foreign Officials: A Primer for Activists
by US Dept. Of Justice
September 26, 2005

The United States government has established the Department of Asset Forfeiture through the U.S. Attorney's Office.  Using the Patriot Act and other United States Criminal Forfeiture statutes, this office is designed to seize assets accumulated through criminal acts that either put the safety and lives of a population at risk, or act unethically in government or business. NigerianNews- Nigeria 419 Inc Special

Help catch another fraudster 419
This is an urgent call to the police authority and perhaps the presidency to address this article immediately. If Nigerian hopes to be trusted in the comity of nations, this is the good case to show cause. Fr. Michel's letter to us is published as transmitted. NigerianNews Special

The Infamous Scam Of Nigeria 
by Dudley Christian

My name is Dudley Christian and I ama Canadian citizen who has been over the last few years playing along with and collecting from many sources information about the subject matter from your countrymen.  Most of the approachees which I have doucumented claim to be in High Official positions and I have gained the trust of many, though the price
NigerianNews Special

Your Major Problem (419)
by Donald L. Bowman
How is it that no one in your country can put an end to this so called 419 problem in Nigeria. I recently placed a post giving names, phone numbers etc. hoping that either the Nigerian police or government would pick up on the information I provided and at least have the coutiesey to call me and or write me acknowledging my post in your news NigerianNews Special

Scan Being Perpetrated from Nigeria
by Lonny Rhodes, CEO, Rhodes Consulting, Inc
I am writing about a scam that is being perpetuated from within Nigeria. The infamous Nigerian money offers scam. I have phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the culprits. NigerianNews Special

Scan Information Compiled by Lonny Rhodes
by Lonny Rhodes, CEO, Rhodes Consulting, Inc 
Thank you for your prompt reply. I am going to provide you with a copy of the letters that I received. In them you will find the phone number and fax number of the initiators of this scam. They have put their name in but I am assuming that the name is a fake. NigerianNews Special -Known 419 Scammer
Known Scam artist